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Tobacco Purchase Age

Current States With Pending Tobacco 21 Legislation Map

As more and more states propose legislation to raise the tobacco purchase age to 21, it’s getting hard to keep track. In order to keep track we have created the following map that shows the states at 21 in red, the states at 19 in blue, states with pending legislation to raise the tobacco purchase age in yellow and those in white are at the national age of 18+. We at The Cigar Authority are […]

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Vermont Seeks To Raise Smoking Age Yet Again

Two things are certain in life, death and taxes. However for the last 5 years you’ve been able to add to the list Rep. George Till, D-Jericho trying to raise the tobacco age in the state of Vermont to 21. Each year the bill has suffered defeat although in 2016 he came close with a 16-13 vote. Since it’s introduction the bill has picked up the following sponsors, Rep. Jessica Brumsted, Rep. Johannah Donovan, Rep. Lori […]

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Washington State Propose Tobacco Purchase Age Bill

If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again seems the me the mantra in the state of Washington. Last year the state sought to raise the tobacco purchase age to 21 under bill H.B. 1458. That measure which carried the confiscation of tobacco products and community service failed in the senate. This year the bill is back as H.B. 2313. The bill which was proposed by Democrat Representative Tina Orwell has bi-partisan support in […]

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