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Congressman Tom Cole (OK-04) Responds Against FDA

There is some support for tobacco in the United States Congress, especially from Congressman Tom Cole who is helping the fight against the nanny state with his support of FY17. In a press release Congressman Cole states, “The FDA’s announcement today that it plans to regulate all tobacco products is just another example of the Obama Administration’s regulatory overreach and nanny-state mentality,” said Cole. “This regulation takes an overly-broad approach to regulating these products. While we can […]

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Agriculture Appropriation Bill Could Help vs FDA

According to a report at CQ Roll Call, the House Appropriations Committee’s fiscal 2016 Agriculture spending bill includes a provision that would limit the FDA’s ability to regulate products. The provision is in Section 747, and would change the date introduced in a 2009 law that said commercial tobacco products introduced after February 15th, 2007 would be subject to pre-market review. The provision would change that date by defining new tobacco products as those that enter […]

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News | New Bill Would Change FDA Date

Since the TAA Convention last month we have heard rumblings that the FDA was close to  making a ruling on the deeming regulations that the cigar industry faces. Currently, the FDA has a date of February 15, 2007 for these regulations which would put many companies out of business. In short, cigars that came to the market before then would be given a free pass, while those after the date would have to apply to have […]

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