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VODCast: Episode Number 500 of The Cigar Authority

60,000 minutes, 1,000 hours or better put 500 Episodes. On today’s episode we tie the record for the most cigar podcast episodes with a trip down memory lane. But it get’s even better than that as there will be no Mr. Jonathan and there will be liquor involved! At the top of the first hour we welcome back someone who was there at the beginning as we discuss the early days of the show and […]

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Podcast : Lighting, Cutting & Tasting, Oh My!

With David Garofalo in Cuba at the Festival Del Habano the asylum is left to Mr. Jonathan, Chuck Morrison and yours truly, Barry Stein. But we have a special guest in the house and he will be bringing some food to the studio, Mr. Tommy Grella. In this educational edition of The Cigar Authority we will discuss different types of cutting techniques, cutters and lighters. In the second hour Barry will discuss with us how […]

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