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Black Label Dictator – Lighter Review

Dictator… By definition, it means to have total power over a country. In the world of lighters, the Black Label Dictator gives you total power over your cigars. This is a lighter that will get the job done. Not only does it have a powerful flat flame single jet torch, but it also has a pop out punch cutter on the side for added convenience. First, let’s talk about the flame. The Dictator has one […]

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Lighter Review – The Black Label “Dominator” by Lotus

There are cigar lighters, and then there is the Black Label Dominator by Lotus. This multi-tool for cigar enthusiasts made it’s debut late last year and has since been a crowd favorite since. First and foremost, this essential cigar accessory has a powerful quadruple jet flame. The Dominator can light even the largest stogies with speed and ease. At the bottom, there is a large adjustment wheel for changing the size of the flame. You […]

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