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VODCast: The Cigar Industry Prediction Show

This week on The Cigar Authority broadcasting live from the Toscano Sound Stage in Salem, New Hampshire… It is one of our most listened to shows each and every year since we began doing it. It’s also our most controversial show to some. Everyone waits for it our listeners, manufacturers and other bloggers… It’s the long awaited PREDICITIONS SHOW… We look into the Crystal Ball & Guess on Mergers, Acquisitions & Trends in the Cigar […]

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Podcast: The Cigar Authority Looks At Pricing Trends

In the recent years there has been a flood of cigars that cost $10-$15-$20. Sometimes you can’t come up with the extra scratch to grab a bunch of these for yourself or your buddies if you are heading out to play some golf or go to a barbecue. Thankfully there seems to be a new sweet spot for cigars that cost under $5. On today’s episode of The Cigar Authority broadcasting live from Two Guys […]

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