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The Proper Way To Light A Cigar For A Perfect Burn

I’ve been smoking cigars since 1998 and one of my pet peeves is watching other people cut and light a cigar. Today’s article stems from episode of The Cigar Authority which can be seen on YouTube or listen to via PodBean, iTunes, Google Play, I Heart Radio, Spotify and your favorite podcast catcher. The episode which was titled¬†Lighting, Cutting & Tasting, Oh My!¬†can be heard by clicking the link. To many times I’ve seen a […]

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IPCPR 2016: Lotus Reinventing Fire With New Products

Each week on The Cigar Authority the lighting of our cigars is brought to you by Lotus. We choose some of our favorite lighters to torch our cigars of the week. Lotus brings to you value, fashion and reliability. I can honestly say it lights the first time (unless someone forgot to fill a lighter), and it lights every time. Mr. Jonathan stopped by the Lotus booth where we learn about the new 4-torch Defiant, […]

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