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FDA Releases Cost of 2017 User Fees

The US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has released their calculations for user fees of tobacco products for 2017. User fees are part of the new regulations issued by the FDA. The money obtained via user fees is used to fund the FDA’s operation. The amount paid will vary by year and are based on a percentage of SCHIP (40.26 cents) taxes paid by cigar companies. It is expected that the Cigar industry will fund […]

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FDA Publishes Requirements To Calculate User Fees

Today, the FDA Regulations were official published beginning the countdown to FDA enforcement on August 8, 2016. Additionally they published “Requirements for the Submission of Data Needed To Calculate User Fees for Domestic Manufacturers and Importers of Cigars and Pipe Tobacco.” We have included that document here so you can get a headache reading it, just like us. 2016-10688 Requirements for Submission of User Fees

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