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NJ Gov Chris Christie Will Not Sign Bill To Raise Tobacco Age

New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie has chosen not to act on a bill that would have raised the smoking age in NJ from 19 to 21. This is the second time that the Governor has chosen not to pass a bill passed by the New Jersey legislature that would have stripped away the rights for an adult to make an adult decision. The bill would have fined retailers up to $1,000 if they did […]

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Law | New Jersey Governor Vetoes Smoking Ban

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey has stood up for smokers rights of a legal product by using his veto powers to stop a bill that would have banned smoking in public parks and limited lighting up on public beaches. The measure which had overwhelming support in both the house and state legislatures would have carried up to $1,000 fines for violations. Under the measure — which had overwhelming support in both houses of the […]

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