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Legislative Week In Review Vol. XXII

Each week we share some of the news that comes across our desk about upcoming legislation.. This week we have stories from California, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Australia. California – Hermosa Beach’s City Council tentatively approved an expanded smoking ban in the city’s outdoor areas at its Tuesday night meeting. The ban would apply to all public outdoor areas, and private outdoor areas where the public is […]

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Legislation Week In Review Vol. 9

Each week we share some of the news that comes across our desk about upcoming legislation.. This week we have stories from Kansas, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin Kansas – The City Council of Prairie Village voted to raise the tobacco age to 21 via Fox4KC  In Gardner, the City Council struck down a measure with a unanimous 5-0 that would have raised the smoking age to 21. While the mayor pushed […]

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Law | Madison, WI Controversial Measure Passed

With the year a little more than four months old, the city of Madison took up a zoning proposal to regular the sales the of tobacco for the sixth time. On Monday, the City Commission passed a proposal from Democrat Mayor Paul Soglin which seeks to define tobacco retailers and how they can operate. The measure propose limits that will back tobacco retailers from within 1,000 feet of schools, day cares, libraries, parks, playgrounds, youth […]

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Law | Minnesota Rep. Proposes Premium Cigar Tax Cut

A proposal by Republican Representative Jim Nash in the state of Minnesota would significantly reduce taxes on premium cigars. The state held a hearing yesterday not he proposal, which will continue into today. Currently the tax in Minnesota on premium cigars is 95 percent of the wholesale cost, up to a total of $3.50. Meanwhile, across the state line in Wisconsin the tobacco tax is 50 cents. The  proposed tax cut would move Minnesota premium […]

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Law | Wisconsin Smokers To Pay More For Health Care

On Monday September 15th, 2014 the city of Manitowoc, Wisconsin approved a motion that will require state works to pay an additional $100 per month towards their health insurance premiums. Currently the majority of city workers pay 12.5 percent f their health insurance premiums which is approximately $70 a month and $175 per month for family coverage. The city will now require all employees to take a nicotine test this fall and those who fail […]

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