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Wyoming Bill Proposes Tobacco Tax Increase On Cigars *UPDATE 1/29*

In the state of Wyoming, Representatives Zwonitzer (R-Laramie) and Nicholas (R-Laramie) along with Senators Pappas (R-Laramie) and Scott (R-Natrona) have proposed raising the tobacco in the state. House Bill 0218 contains the following language: (c)  In addition to the other taxes imposed by this section, there is levied and assessed upon cigars, snuff and other tobacco products purchased or imported into this state by wholesalers for resale, except cigarettes and moist snuff taxed under this section, an […]

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Casper, WY Votes For Comprehensive Smoking Ban

The city of Casper, Wyoming and its smokers have been on a roller coaster ride that saw the smoking ban abolished only to be put to a city-wide vote weeks later. Yesterday, roughly only 33% of the cities voters took to the polls to vote in favor of return to a comprehensive smoking ban. Of the 6,272 votes cast 3,468 (54%) were in favor of a full smoking ban that includes bars and restaurants  where as […]

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Casper, WY To Decide Smoking Ban By Public Vote *UPDATE*

Last week Casper, Wyoming was on the path to repeal the smoking bans in the city and following a City Council meeting yesterday the City Council changed course by allowing the public to vote on the issue at hand. Between the next 20-60 days the city will conduct a special election where residents will vote on the two versions of the smoking ban. The first, would be a total and complete ban on smoking in […]

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Casper, WY On Path To Repeal Smoking Ban

Last week we reported that the city of Casper, Wyoming saw a smoking exemption removed because a petition garnered enough signatures to overturn it. Yesterday, the Casper City Council voted to repeal the original smoking ban, “Smoking Ban Fully Loaded” that was put in place in 2012 by a 7-2 margin. The Council also voted 6-3 to repeal the 2013 ordinance “Smoking Ban Light”. According to a member of the City Council there were two choices; […]

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Casper, WY Could Ban Smoking In Public Areas

In 2013, the city of Casper, Wyoming allowed bars, taverns, clubs and other venues to allow smoking in areas that were segregated from the general public. Today, that exemption will cease to exist as the city clerk verified the amount of signatures collected by Keep Casper Smoke Free that demanded a referendum of the 2013 ordinance. While smoking will cease in the areas that were exempt the city has a choice over the next couple of weeks. […]

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News | Wyoming Tobacco Tax Defeated

In Cheyenne, Wyoming lawmakers have voted again a bill that would have raised the tobacco tax on other tobacco products such as cigars from 10 percent to 20 percent of the retail price or from 20 to 46 percent of the wholesale price. The House Revenue Committee voted 8-1 on Wednesday to defeat the bill. Wyoming is home to 584,000 residents over 97,814 square miles and became a state in 1890.

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