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Drew Newman Testifies at Small Business Administration Hearing in Washington DC

This morning, the U.S. Small Business Administration held a public roundtable on the regulation of premium cigars at its headquarters in Washington, D.C.  Fourth generation cigar maker Drew Newman testified alongside Premium Cigar Association President John Anderson.  Drew described his family’s 124-year history of rolling premium cigars.  Using The American as an example, he explained how premium cigars are handcrafted and why they are different from cigarettes and all other tobacco products.   Drew discussed […]

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Day 2 IPCPR 2019: Drew Newman of JC Newman

In 1910, The American was the first cigar brand rolled in J.C. Newman’s El Reloj factory when it opened in Ybor City, Florida. We caught up with Drew Newman who tells us about the 100% American made cigar that we hope will reach retailers soon as it is believe that 50 accounts nationwide will be selected to receive the cigar in the coming months. The tobacco, boxes, stain, bands, cliche’ and everything about the cigar […]

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Senator Rubio Speaks on Premium Cigars in Senate

On July 26th, Senator Marco Rubio, R-Fla., spoke from the Senate Floor in defense of the Premium Cigar industry. In his remarks, the Senator laid out the uniqueness of the premium cigar industry and the existential threat facing small businesses, including the J.C. Newman factory in Ybor City, Fla. if current FDA regulations are left unabated. The video of the speech can be seen via the C-Span website at: In a statement, IPCPR applauded Senator […]

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J.C. Newman Distributes 100,000 FDA Comment Cards to Retailers

This week, J.C. Newman Cigar Company began distributing 100,000 postcards to premium cigar retailers across the country as part of its “Save Cigar City” campaign. The postcards, which are pre-addressed to the FDA, allow Americans who enjoy fine cigars to submit comments urging that the FDA exempt premium cigars from regulation. The FDA’s deadline for public comment is June 25, 2018. “As the FDA reconsiders the regulation of premium cigars, we wanted make it easy […]

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J.C. Newman Announces Boutique Division

Today, the J.C. Newman Cigar Company, America’s oldest family-owned cigar maker, introduced its long-awaited boutique cigar division, the J.C. Newman Fourth Generation Cigar Company, with the division’s first three cigar brands: The American, Admiration, and The 1954. The first cigars began shipping to select retailers last week. Created in New York City by the great-grandson of the founder, Drew Newman, and Drew’s wife Ariel Peters, the J.C. Newman Fourth Generation Cigar Company seeks to honor […]

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IPCPR 2014: Save Our Strippers

Save our Strippers is the rally cry in Las Vegas at IPCPR, but it isn’t what you would think. With the FDA bearing down on the tobacco industry the JC Newman factory in Ybor City is in danger of closing. JC Newman has handed out pins asking for everyone to save cigar strippers, who would lose their jobs if the factory closes. You can help them out by visiting A stripper in the cigar industry […]

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