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Nick Melillo is at it again, and this time he is using a little bit of the magic he learned while working at Drew Estate. He took that magic traveled to Jamaica to learn time honored traditions and secrets to put together the blend of a new line of infused cigars known as The Upsetters.

What am I Smoking?
Cigar: The Upsetters Django (The ‘D’ is silent)
Country of Origin: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Claro
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan and Jamaican
Length: 5 Inches
Ring Gauge: 54
Power: 4/10

Packaging & Design
Arriving in boxes of 20, 30, or 60 cigars depending on the size, The Upsetters all share a common theme. Because of his use of Jamaican tobaccos in these cigars, Nick decided to go with a traditional Rastafarian influence for the packaging design. Colors of red, yellow and green over a black background with the silhouette of a dreadlocked man make these boxes stand out. That same theme is present on the bands, using a military-style text.

First Impressions
As for the look of the cigar itself, it appears to be very well made. Veins and seams are at a minimum and it also has a slightly spongy feel to it. The foot looks well packed and gives off a huge aroma of sweet spices and clove. The prelight draw carries with it that same taste that’s enhanced by a sweetened cap.

The Smoke
Now, this is going to be an interesting review for me and a first for The Cigar Authority. This is an infused cigar, meaning it is made using tobaccos “flavored” by ways of an undisclosed aging process. I’m going to describe this experience in a different way than I typically review cigars, considering this is the first time I’m reviewing a cigar like this one.

Upon lighting with this killer new Black Label lighter, the first thing I notice about this cigar is the taste of honey and a botanical-like clove. That taste lingers on my palate through to the next draw, however it is not overpowering. The smoke itself is smooth and creamy, offering a solid backbone of pepper and spice through the nose. The taste on my lips is nice, offering the smoke a bit more of an oily mouthfeel.

Behind the sweetness of the cigar are tasting notes that are quite a challenge to decipher. However, they are not totally hidden by the infusion process. The last time I had Jamaican tobacco was in a vintage cigar from the late 1980’s known as Royal Jamaica. That cigar had remnants of a dry citrus tang and redwood. While smoking The Upsetters, I was just barely able to pick up on that same kind of tanginess in the smoke after the sweetness began to fade from the cap.

Towards the end, the difference between its infusion and original blend started to become more distinguishable. Although it still favored the sweeter side, more notes of aged tobacco, leather and spice began to be apparent. In terms of power, it was steadily in the midrange of the spectrum. It’s construction was solid from start to finish, never needing a touch up or a relight.

If you’ve enjoyed infused cigars before, this is going to be very familiar to you and a home run for your palate.

Final Thoughts
The Upsetters was a challenge to review, but not in a bad way. It had a pleasing profile all the way through and was a nice contrast from what I usually smoke. It’s kinda like when you’ve been a hardcore whiskey drinker for years, then decide one day you want a sip of your friends Piña Colada. Sure, it’s not what you’re used to, but it’s nice to change things up once in a while.

DISCLAIMER: As for the rating, I’m not comparing it to traditional style cigars, but I am comparing it to other infused cigars I have smoked in the past. As as the number shows, I feel The Upsetters is a unique cigar that stands out from the rest.

Rating: 93
Price: $9.19 / $161.99 (Box of 20)


The Upsetters Packaging

The Upsetters Packaging

The Upsetters Cigar Body

The Upsetters Cigar Body

The Upsetters Foot

The Upsetters Foot

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