4th of July Weekend Smokes

This weekend is the 4th of July Weekend…or is it?  It falls on a Wednesday this year which makes it confusing to me, would it be before or after the 4th.  The week “End” would be after right?  I don’t know for sure, but what I do know is what cigars I will be lighting up for both weekends.

First will be…The Fire Cracker.  This cigar was invented by me in 2006.  At first the project was offered to Pete Johnson for his Tatuaje brand but was passed on due to either too much going on at the time for Pete and his company or he just didn’t like the idea, really not sure why. Later with disbelief it was accepted and called “loco” by Pepin himself, this short stocky smoke was made and introduced in June of 2007. 

The cigar was looked at by Jose Oliva and it is the very cigar that NUB was modeled after, but without the wick.  It’s true!  Actually this “loco” idea was copied more than Xerox (well maybe not quite that much).  The Firecracker is cigar with a long pig tale resembling a wick on a firecracker. This cigar “The Firecracker” has an instantly punch in your face flavor and is a must smoke for this weekend for sure. 

Later Pete Johnson understanding this missed opportunity came back in a huge way taking the firecracker to the next level.  Tatuaje M80 was made in 2011 as a limited Edition and just 333 boxes were produced and all sold out within days and is now considered a collector’s item.  I of course kept some for this weekend. 

Another brand I will light up for sure will be United Cigar.  This is a moderately priced box pressed cigar (natural and Maduro) that not only gives me that patriotic feeling but it’s a good cigar for a good reason.  A collaboration of a group of active and motivated cigar retailers called “United Cigar Retailers”.  This takes me to the next cigar…the United 2012 Limited Edition Wheel Box.

50 cigars with a unique cap that is not like every other cap, it’s in the shape of a star.  50 stars shine through the glass front wheel box making for a unique and awesome look.  This too will probably be copied in one way or another, but that’s the way it goes.  As they say, it’s the most sincere form of flattery right?  No, I don’t think so either! 

But it’s what lies inside the draw of the box is what I’m most impressed with…the cigar itself and the price that goes along with it.  This is a limited edition cigar, only 500 boxes of 50, that’s a total production of 25,000 and all very full bodied, so if you’re looking for the smooth and creamy cigar, this is not it.  Its retail price is about $6 and I’m saving a bunch so don’t be surprised if I’m smoking this again next year.

Whatever you’re smoking for the 4th of July weekends, be sure to enjoy them.  And have a Safe & Happy Independence Day.

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