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Editorial – What’s In A Name – A Cigar Brand Name

What’s in a Name… a Cigar Brand Name? By David Garofalo With thirty-years in the Cigar Business I’ve seen a lot of cigar brands come and go. I’ve sampled lots of very good cigars that, for one reason or another, just didn’t sell well and disappeared out of existence. Some of these vanishing cigars may have been priced right, had nice packaging and smoked great but still, for some reason just didn’t catch on. Is […]

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Here Come The Copy Cats – An Editorial

Ladies and Gentleman….Here come… “The Copy Cats” by David Garofalo It’s that time of the year when some manufacturers come out with what they believe was “hot” last year from their competitors and try it themselves. That is a large part of the cigar industry my friends, companies taking the easiest path to success… Copying others… but maybe there is nothing wrong with it. Maybe they don’t have to be the first, just the best. […]

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CAO Flavours Adds New Solfyre

It’s been a while since we saw the addition to the CAO Flavours portfolio, but that is about to change with the new spicy-sweet line called Solfye. The cigar features tobacco from Dominican Republic with a Cameroon wrapper and is infused with spicy notes of cinnamon and the smoky essence of whiskey. The cigar is set to ship this month and is a available in 3 sizes 4 x 30 which comes in a tin […]

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MoyaRuiz Announces Chinese Finger Trap

MOYARUIZ ANNOUNCES THE CHINESE FINGER TRAP June 5, 2015 (Miami, FL) – MoyaRuiz Cigars is proud to announce their 2015 limited edition release, The Chinese Finger Trap. Production on this project will be limited to only 1,000 boxes. Each box will feature 10 cigars in a 6×50 Toro size. Danny Moya, co-founder of MoyaRuiz Cigars explained the concept behind the Chinese Finger Trap: “We had such a blast making last year’s limited edition release, the […]

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Smoking Cessation Makes Diabetes Worse

The following comes from Marc S. Micozzi, MD, PhD and is reprinted with permission… Smoking Cessation Worsens Diabetes Control For many years the government told you that the single best thing you could for your health was to quit smoking. And it is certainly true that cutting back on smoking is a positive step. But rarely do simple-minded, single-minded, government recommendations reveal the whole truth and nothing but the truth. These are the same government […]

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Nestor Miranda Collection One Life Edition Danno 2015 Maduro

The Nestor Miranda Collection One Life Edition Danno 2015 might just be the longest name for a cigar in the industry today. Announced earlier this week in a press release, the cigar is limited to 1,000 boxes of each wrapper (Connecticut, Habano, Maduro)  and features a tweaked blend from the regular production Nestor Miranda Collection. The cigar has sentimental value to the Miranda family as it pays tribute to the son of Nestor and Mariana […]

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Editorial | Limited Release Cigars

Limited Release Cigars It seems there is no limit to them lately First off… What makes a “Limited Release”? The term “limited release” is used as a marketing incentive for various kinds of products, originally published products related to the arts, such as books, prints or recorded music and films, but now including cars, fine wine, whisky and of course cigars. With cigars, a “limited release” by its very nature is restricted in the number […]

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Today on begining at noon (eastern) we do 2 Shows. One LIVE and one taped for next week. (becasue Dave is going to Pro Cigar in the Dominican Republic.

Show 1 – Does size Really Matter, we give you the final answer as we are joined by the man who wrote the book on being a gentleman.

Show 2 – Cigars and Candy Bars, ya, we pair-up cigars with candy bars while we are joined by John Hart DrewEstate.

Four Straight hours of the show broadcasting from Two Guys Smoke Shop in Nashua NH.

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Two Guys Smoke Shop has been announcing The Cigar of the Year on Superbowl Sunday for 20 years now, since they made their first announcement back in 1993, announcing the 1992 Cigar of the Year.

“Each year it gets more complicated” says David Garofalo, who began this ritual when he had a small shop in Boston Massachusetts back then. Today, Garofalo has 3 of the largest cigar shops in America and operates the highest volume cigar shop in the world now in New Hampshire.

“This year we crowned a cigar that really outshined all others. It stood out and impressed everyone who has tried them and a cigar I consider the best cigar I have ever smoked” Garofalo claims. The new cigar brand called he talks about is…

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The Contenders for The Cigar of the Year Announced

Since 1992, wow, thats 20 years already, we have not only named The Cigar of the Year, but before naming a Best of the Best, we decide on The Contenders.

Today, cigar are better than ever, every cigar maker is making great cigars. Every cigar maker is using….

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