Aging Room Cigars Revamping Portfolio at IPCPR ’18

Aging Room Cigars is introducing Aging Room by Rafael Nodal Core line and is repackaging the Aging Room Quattro Series while expanding its distribution of the Quattro Connecticut and Quattro Nicaragua at the 2018 IPCPR this year.

The Aging Room by Rafael Nodal Core line is available in 3 different wrappers, Connecticut, Havano and Maduro. All are made at Tabacalera Palma in Dominican Republic.

Aging Room by Rafael Nodal Connecticut MSRP $8.90 to $9.95
Rapido 48 x 5
Vivase 50 x 6
Andante 50 x 7

Aging Room by Rafael Nodal Habano MSRP $8.90 to $9.95 and Maduro $10.00 to $11.00
Rondo 50 x 5
Mezzo 54 x 6
Major 60 x 6.5

The newly repackaged Aging Room Quattro Series also expands the distribution of Quattro Connecticut made at Tabacalera Palma and Quattro Nicaragua, made with 100% Nicaraguan tobacco at the AJ Fernandez factory in Nicaragua. The Quattro F55 has been renamed Quattro Original, the F55M is now Quattro Maduro and the F59 has been discontinued.

Aging Room by Rafael Nodal Quattro MSRP $10.20 to $10.65
Original (previously F55)
Maduro (previously F55M)
New Connecticut
New Nicaragua
Espressivo 50 x 5
Maestro 52 x 6
Vibrato 54 x 6
Concerto 50 x 7

According Rafael Nodal, “Inspiration never gets old, never goes out of fashion. Inspiration is not luck, and that’s why the more time I dedicate to my passion, the luckier I get and the more inspiration I find. My memories from Cuba are present in everything I do -they are open memories, no strings attached. I feel free to choose the best tobacco from all over the world, to blend it and get the most from each variety. Just like a composer or the conductor of an orchestra adds intensity to a particular instrument or note over another, in my creations I combine varieties to obtain the best cigar for every occasion and every consumer. And just like music varies according to the interpreter, I combine tobacco to provide my customers with unique products for unique moments”.


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