Aging Room La Boheme Encantador Fenice Cigar Review

Following up on the 2014 La Boheme, Boutique Blends, the parent company of Aging Room has released La Boheme Encantador. The cigar which features a dark Ecuador Habano wrapper gets the box pressed treatment in the new line. Available in three sizes: Turin (5 x 46); Fenice (6 x 52/Torpedo) and La Scala (5.75 x 54) the cigars have shipped to retailers around the country.

The brand ties together the 3 passions in brand owner Rafael Nodal’s life of Cuba, cigars and music and the size features in today’s review is named for an Opera House in Venice but always translates to the word “Phoenix.”

Cigar Review: La Boheme Encantador
Size: 6 x 52 (Fenice/Torpedo)
Wrapper: Ecuador Habano
Binder: Dominican Republic (Habano)
Filler: Dominican Republic (Habano)
Strength: Medium-Full

The Look (10/10): While the torpedo tip looks more like that of a Hershey’s Kiss, there is something about the cigar that screams out perfect to me with its look. The black and gold with the cameo like logo just work together to bring a pleasing contrast to the eyes. The wrapper is flawless with only a few thin veins and even coloring. The roll of the cigar is flawless as well along with the perfect box press. In the hand the cigar is firm with a no soft spots and a well packed foot.

The Notes (34/35): The cold draw of the Encantador reminds me of fresh popped popcorn without the butter and some earth notes with a hint of Cajun spice. The foot of the cigar serves up a similar Cajun spice and the aroma of non-buttered popcorn.

Once the cigar is lit there is a some Cajun spice that is reminiscent of the spicy fries from 5 guys. At first I though I was getting a little too much like Mr. Jonathan with a crazy note but my friend Bo smoked one in a different size and he too got the note to the point where he sent me a picture of Cajun spice fries. As the first third of cigar comes to a close the cajun spice tones down a few notches on the palate but remains on the retrohale as some chocolate notes come into play.

The second third of the Encantador  sees the notes of chocolate fade away with elements of coffee joining the mix. The Cajun spice that was dominant in the first third is less of a factor. The aroma of the cigar stands out and is familiar but I can’t quite place it as the second third comes to a close.

In the last third the cigar begins to take on notes of walnuts with continued coffee and a hint of the Cajun spice returns especially though the nose. The aroma reminds me of the skin from a grape that has been consistent from the second third of the smoke.

The Burn (33/35): The Encantador offers up a perfect burning cigar with a straight burn line albeit slight jagged at times. At the combustion point of the wrapper the mascara line is fairly thin which shows that the wrapper has some nice age to it. The draw of the box press was perfect. The ash fell in 1 inch increments with some minimal flake.

The Finish (19/20): I wonder how this cigar will age, and I plan to put some away to revisit in a few months to see if they do. The cigar is spicy with a nice complexity to it which is how I like a cigar. Simply put the La Boheme Encantador is a cigar that is worthy of a box purchase. In the last two days I’ve smoked a half-dozen of these because I just can’t get enough of them and unlike a phoenix they are not reborn from the ashes.

Score: 96
Price: $11.99 @ Two Guys Smoke Shop

Bullet Points

  • The band is easily among my favorite in the industry right now. From the wine stock paper, to the gold powder accents the band is impeccable.
  • While the Cajun spice was evident in this size, I found it to be much more so in the Turin (5 x 46) size.
  • I should turn this into a question of the week; but I even though the cigar didn’t smoke on its own, the smoke production was beautiful and I feel it adds to the romanticism of cigar smoking.
  • Between the original blend and the Encantador, my vote leans toward the later.
  • Despite the wrapper being much darker than the original the Aging Room website lists the blend components as the same.
  • Smoking Time was just a tick under 2 hours.
  • I paired the cigar with water.
La Boheme Encantador

La Boheme Encantador

La Boheme Encantador Foot

La Boheme Encantador Foot

La Boheme Encantador Burn

La Boheme Encantador Burn


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