American Barrel-Aged (Master-Built Series) by David Garofalo

Today is not only Flag Day here in America, but it’s also National Bourbon Day so I thought I’d write a review of a very special cigar that is even more special to me.    


Camacho is a cigar brand that changed the cigar industry almost 20 years ago. It was Camacho that re-introduced the prized Corojo seeds that had not used in Cuba any longer due to its low yield. It was growing again, but this time in Honduras. This brand is close to my heart, as I was there at the beginning, with the honor to test-market the original Camacho Corojo for a full year before it was introduced to the world.  
The original Corojo seed, a name that is thrown around in the cigar industry, but rarely used in reality as there is only a couple of brands that use “authentic” Corojo, but Camacho is certainly on that very small list… it was Camacho that re-introduced it to the World.   


Fast forward to today, June 14, 2015, I was so excited to light up the next step for Camacho – CAMACHO – American Barrel-Aged, the first cigar in the Master-Build Series. This cigar was inspired in the spirit of Kentucky bourbon makers… but this is no flavored cigar.  

The make-up of this cigar is outstanding. A dark, toothy American Broadleaf Wrapper and Binder surrounds American Maduro Pennsylvania fillers is the American parts of Camacho Barrel-Aged. Add to that Authentic Corojo aged for six full years to the filler and then, they take it another level… they then age the filler an additional 5 months is charred Kentucky bourbon barrels before building this Camacho cigar for the first time in the Dominican Republic. Lots of first going on here… if its good, I will need to put a box or two aside for my collection.  

Unlit, you can’t help but notice the aroma of the chard wood, but after lighting, this is a taste I got throughout the cigar. Add to that a slightly sweet flavor of caramel and a hint of pepper which made this Camacho dare I say, my all-time favorite to date.  

This was not like an infused cigar in any way shape or form, slight subtleties you must pay attention too to really enjoy this cigar… so pay attention.

The cigar burned slow and steady and lived up to and surpassed my expectations. Watch for this cigar to hit the shelves this week.  

I can’t wait to light up another. I’m not going to give it a number rating, but instead I will tell you what I am going to do. I’m going to get at least a couple boxes, one to smoke now and one to put it away… I recommend you do the same. That’s my recommendation and my review.

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