Facebook Begins Shutting Down Cigar Groups

Last night social media giant Facebook began enforcing their TOS and started shutting down groups that promote the private sale tobacco products including cigars. The most noticeable group was the ultra popular Cigar Cartel, but also included were CHAOS, Havana Hideaway and Cigar Syndicate.

Cigar Cartel administrator Derek Stewert said, “We kinda knew it was going to happen. Can’t believe it actually did though.” The site has already been reformed under the name C2 which it was often referred to by insiders and according to Stewert, “We already have 8000+ members in the new one.

The group which was created by Nick Era has changed how it operates and will no longer allow cigar auctions in an attempt to fit into Facebook’s Terms of Service. In a positing to the group Nick Era states, “Obviously if you haven’t heard Facebook is deleting all alcohol, tobacco and gun related groups, if your group hasn’t been removed yet it’s going to be. From here on out we will be known as C2 we will no longer be a “Cigar” group. We are simply Club C2. We are guys that enjoy the finer things in life. Period!” It is believed that Cigar Cartel is working on a website should this occur again as a fail safe.

Facebook Policy prohibits groups that promote the private sale of tobacco.

Stay tuned to TCA.. formerly known as The “Cigar” Authority (just kidding) for more on this.

UPDATE: The majority of Facebook groups that were shut down have been re-instated.


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