Asylum Experiment Tension 5 x 50 & 6 x 60 Cigar Review

This “Experiment” is the first of many to come from Christian Eiroa (CLE) and Tom Lazuka (Asylum) and it allows their customers and fans to really see what goes on in the Asylum. This first release from the files of the Wardens (Lazuka and Eiroa) contains some of the test subjects used in a variety of experiments in the Asylum.

Due to limited tobacco the cigars were never released and there were only 300 individual numbered cans for the 6 x 60 and only 50 cans of the 5 x 50. Made in Nicaragua the cigars are limited due to the limited supply of Condega Ligero and were made 2013.

The shop that I work for, Two Guys Smoke Shop debuted these cigars last night at an Asylum event and today I review both of these cigars side by side.

Cigar Review: Asylum Experiment Tension
Country of Origin: Nicaragua
Distributor: CLE
Wrapper: Habano (Robusto) / San Andres (Gordo)
Binder: Not Disclosed
Filler: Condega Ligero, Other
Size: 5″ & 6″
Ring Gauge: 50 & 60
Vitola: Robusto & Gordo
Strength: Medium (Robusto) Full (Gordo)

The Look: The Asylum Experiment Tension comes packaged in a can. Inside the can, the cigars are without cello and without bands. The Robusto is a lighter shade wrapper, while the 60 ring gauge is a darker cigar. Both are rolled to perfection and have a fair amount of oils visible. The foot of the Gordo reveals darker tobacco and both have a nice weight and appear to be well packed.

The Notes (Robusto): The foot of the cigar serves up an aroma of freshly roasted peanuts, there is a subtle nose of cinnamon and vanilla. The cold draw serves up notes of peanuts with the skin still attached, and notes of caramel and chocolate. Yes, it tastes like a Milky Way.

Once the cigar is lit there are subtle notes of earth of vanilla to start the cigar out and a subtle amount of spice. In the second  third notes of red pepper appear on the retrohale while the palate is treated to subtle notes of cream and earth. The sweetness of the cigar is enjoyable, but the spice on the retrohale is where this cigar truly shines. As the cigar comes to a close notes of vanilla and cream really begin to take hold with a subtle hint of caramel and a slightly earthy finish.

The Notes (Gordo): The cold draw on the Gordo which is a different blend than the robusto reminds me of German chocolate and a hit of cherry and a touch of fig.  The aroma off the foot has subtle hints of graham cracker and cedar.

Once the cigar is lit there are notes of wood, chocolate and a subtle black pepper. There is a familiarity to the Nyctophilia which was a TAA release, but the cigar seems to have more strength, and a bit more complexity. One has to wonder if this was an early version of that cigar that got scrapped due to the lack of tobacco available. Regardless, it’s a chocolate power bomb with an incredible aroma and hints of leather and apricots.

The Burn: Both cigars performed incredibly well, while the 5 x 50 smoked a little quicker than the 6 x 60 which is as to be expected. The burn was perfect on both cigars with both having an incredibly thin combustion line. The ash on the Robusto held stronger, and neither needed to be touched up or relit with a perfect draw.

The Finish: Asylum isn’t the first company to release a limited edition cigar that there wasn’t enough tobacco but it is definitely the best to date. The Gordo has a familiarity to it as mentioned earlier, but the Robusto is the one that totally stands out and would have been a perfect every day smoke. The one thing I hate about limited edition cigars is when you find a gem, they won’t always be there.

Score: 94 (Robusto) 91 (Gordo)
Price: $67.99 (Robusto) $ 64.99 (Gordo)



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