Atabey Spiritus Lancero Cigar Review

If you ask our own David Garofalo what his favorite cigar is, without hesitation he will say Atabey. If you ask him what his least favorite size is, he will answer just as fast, Lancero. Talk about the conundrum this cigar created. Now on the other hand if you ask me those same questions this would be the dream cigar in theory. However, does that theory hold up?

Today we put the theory to the test the review of the Atabey Spiritus.

Cigar: Atabey
Wrapper Not Disclosed
Binder: Not Disclosed
Filler: Not Disclosed
Length: 7.5″
Ring Gauge: 40
Size: Spiritus (Lancero)

The Look: Atabey has moved away from the jars the cigars were once packaged in to a gorgeous white lacquered box that can be used as a humidor. Inside the box of Spirtus sits 25 exquisite lancero cigars. The golden wrapper has a thin network of veins and fair amount of oils. The band of gold, black and white features the Tainos symbol for the goddess Atabey. If the band is reminiscent of a Cohiba it should be as according to folklore, the tribe would sit in a circle called a Cohiba and pray to their leader (Behike) before the prayers were offered to the Goddess Atabey. The design of the Cohiba and Behike bands and packaging is none other than Nelson Alfonso who is the brainchild behind this brand under the name Selected Tobacco which is represented on the foot band.

The Notes: The cold draw offers up notes of marzipan, apricots, molasses and cedar while the aroma off the foot is reminiscent of molasses and cedar. Once the cigar is lit a wonderful plum like sweetness the envelopes the palate.

As we move into the first third the plum like sweetness slides into the background as hints of rye and toast become the dominant notes with a rich buttery finish. The retrohale of the cigar brings out some hints of molasses, and as the first third of the cigar comes to a close some hints of butterscotch make an appearance as well as a touch of cedar the finish.

The second third sees those butterscotch flavors become dominant as they also show up on the aroma of the cigar. The finish of the cigar which is moderate in length showcases some cedar component and the retrohale offers up continues molasses and a touch of maple. The ash of the cigar which was white, smooth and firm fell off for the first time at the half-way point which is a rare occurrence for a lancero and it serves as a testament to the outstanding construction. At the mid-way point there is so much going on with the cigar its hard to put it into words. There are notes of rye, wheat, toast, butterscotch, cedar, maple, molasses creating an almost overwhelming complexity.

The last third of the Atabey Spiritus sees cedar become the dominant profile with touch of earth and for the first time cinnamon. There is a continued rye and wheat note with a rich buttery finish. The retrohale brings some added sweetness to the flavor profile in the form of maple and molasses. It’s exception smooth right down to the point where there is nothing left to smoke.

The Finish: This is not only the greatest lancero I have ever smoked, it is also the greatest cigar I have ever experienced. In terms of full disclosure, Yes I work for David Garofalo, who owns United Cigar the company distributes this cigar exclusively in the USA. But I also paid for this cigar with my own $$. I want a box, and I want a box now. Hands down, the greatest cigar I have ever lit up. I wonder if we can convince Nelson Alfonso to make Byron in a Lancero

Score: 100
Price: $30.00 / $749.00

Atabey Spiritus

Atabey Spiritus

Atabey Spiritus Foot

Atabey Spiritus Foot

Atabey Spiritus Burn

Atabey Spiritus Burn


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