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Cigars & Smudging Combatting Bacteria

The following article from Dr. Marc Micozzi continues to dispel the myths that cigar smoking is bad for you. In fact, cigar smoking is beneficial in combatting bacteria in the air. The article is reprinted with permission and you can view the original article at Nature’s controversial “new” secret weapon in the war against superbugs It’s now fully summertime, even in New England, so you may want to gather around the campfire for this Dispatch. […]

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Padron 50th Anniversary Maduro

I feel compelled to start this review with a small disclaimer. On this planet there is not a single scenario surrounding a cigar that could cause one of them to command a price tag of $106 in a tax-free state. That price would be ridiculous even if the field growing the tobacco was fertilized from the personal out house of Jose Oliva, Watered by the tears of Nelson Alfonso, and if each leaf was massaged […]

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The Drew Estate Cigar Connection

CRA: $2.41 Cigars ARE Premium Cigars

Director of The CRA, Cigar Rights of America, Glyn Loope joins us and gives us the latest update on the FDA and the fight against your rights and Premium Cigars. We light up three Premium Cigars all for under $3.00: Classic Cigars Connecticut, Cuban and Maduro on this week’s episode of The Cigar Authority

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Marijuana Cigars

Marijuana Cigars?

This week on The Cigar Authority, are Marijuana Cigars actually good for you? John Cena Sr and “The Luchador”, Jack Torano from Torano Cigars, we light up the pre-release “Amadeus” from Recluse Cigars, and the new “Tattoo” by Tatuaje Cigars.

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Double Blind Cigar Smoking with Mr. jonathan

Double Blind Cigar Smoking With Mr. Jonathan

Some people take the band off to smoke cigars blind and then there is Mr. Jonathan. Cutting, Lighting, and smoking with a blindfold on gets him in tune with his surroundings, as he relies on his other senses to figure out what he is smoking. This week (although we hate to give him credit) he comes up with some real gold…Jerry! On this week’s episode of The Cigar Authority.

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