Avo Classic No. 2 – Cigar Review

Back in the day, a younger Avo Uvezian was sitting in a bar and was disgusted at the price of a Cuban cigar he wanted to smoke. At that moment, he decided he wanted to make his own brand and sell them for a much better price. The Avo Classic is a handmade cigar that comes to us from the Dominican Republic using vintage Dominican binders and fillers, which is crafted at the Davidoff factory.

What am I Smoking?
Cigar: Avo Classic No. 2
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Vintage Dominican Republic
Length: 6 Inches
Ring Gauge: 50
Power: 3 / 10

Packaging & Design
As I’ve said in the past, I’m a big fan of the newer packaging design of Avo. It’s classy with just enough detail to catch the eye. On the lid is the name of the brand with the logo that scrolls across it, with musical notes on a staff that can be seen when held in the light. That is a pretty cool touch, because if you’re not looking for it, it’s a detail that’s easy to miss. As for the sides, the name of the brand appears once more but with a size designation under it. The bands carry the same design as the logo on this lid, making for a clean and uniform look.

First Impressions
Looking at this cigar and the first thing I notice is how smooth the wrapper looks. It has minimal veins and nearly invisible seams along with a slightly sandy texture. It’s rather light in color, but slightly darker than most Connecticut style wrappers out there. The foot is nicely packed and the caps are on there tight. After cutting with the new Lotus Jaws V cutter and taking a draw, notes of white raisins and a huge note of cedar are present. Speaking of this new cutter, it’s everything you love about the original Jaws by Lotus, but in a V-Cut format.

The Smoke
One I torched the foot with my Vertigo Equalizer, those same notes of raisins and cedar are right up front. I retrohaled some of the smoke through my nose, and nuances of cocoa powder and walnuts become apparent. Might I add that this is one of the easiest cigars to retrohale with, considering this is an incredibly smooth smoke so far.

Moving onward into the second third and the body has picked up ever so slightly. This is not a powerful smoke, but it packs a ton of taste. Those same notes of cedar and cocoa are backed up by an unwavering creaminess that seems to even out the playing field. At this point, there’s no flavors that overwhelm the others. They’re all in harmony.

Finishing up on the Avo Classic No. 2, and things have stayed pretty much the same since the halfway mark. But that is certainly not a bad thing. Those woody nuances and creamy sweetness were certainly a treat, and paired perfectly with my coffee. One last thing that stands out for me was that there was almost zero pepper to speak of, so if you’re not a fan of spicy cigars, you’d love this.

Final Thoughts
This cigar shines from start to finish and offers a flavorful and easygoing profile. It’s construction was excellent, never needing a touch up or any attention for that matter. The Avo Classic is one of the most consistent cigars on the market, each one tasting the same as the last. I’m not usually one for a milder cigar, but this is one to keep in rotation.

Rating: 92
Price: $10.39 / $192.99 (Box of 20)

Here is this weeks Cigar Spotlight featuring the Avo Classic No. 2!

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