Bandolero by Selected Tobacco Announced as 2022 Limited Edition Firecracker From United Cigars

The return of the highly anticipated and highly coveted limited release Firecracker from United Cigars is here and 2022 will feature the Bandolero Firecracker from Selected Tobacco. In 2006, from the creative mind of David Garofalo, the Firecracker line was born. The first cigar on the market with a long piece of tobacco at the head was shaped like a ‘wick’ or ‘fuse’ to capture the name of the line; Firecracker. After a few years on the market, the limited release Firecrackers came to life as United Cigars collaborated with a new manufacturer every year to create a celebration cigar for the nation’s Independence Day.

My partnership with United Cigars has gone beyond the distribution of my cigars,” said Nelson Alfonso of Selected Tobacco. “This is family and I wanted to share my Bandolero blend with this beautiful vitola.

The Bandolero Firecracker represents all that Bandolero has become known for and more. The blend for the Bandolero Firecracker is derived from the Clandestino line (Series C) that uses filler leaves from Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and undisclosed tobaccos. The filler is held together with an Ecuadorian binder and a dark Ecuadorian wrapper that is typically used on the Aventureros line (Series A). Holding true to the United Firecracker measurements, the Bandolero Firecracker comes in at 3 ½ x 50 and will be packaged in wooden boxes of 20 cigars. The bands were created specifically for this release and proudly adorn the Firecracker name.

Every year I get more and more excited with our United collaborations. We work with another factory to deliver a unique experience, and this is what makes this industry united,” said Oliver Nivaud, Director of Operations for United Cigars.

The Bandolero typically has a suggested retail of $11 -$18 as the line uses 5-year-old tobaccos and is aged for a minimum of two years post roll. This limited release has all the components of its premium sibling but will have a SMRP of $180 per box of 20/$9 for the single. Retailers across the United States will have access to the limited release as a United Firecracker Retailer and will begin shipping in June of 2022 and will be featured at this year’s TPE Show in Las Vegas, NV.

Bandolero Firecracker Single

Bandolero Firecracker Box

Bandolero Firecracker Boxes

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