Black Label Dominator by Lotus Lighter Review

Each week on The Cigar Authority we light up a cigar with a lighter from Lotus. While we tend to stick with Vertigo, the company has lighters that fall under the Black Label class that are a step above. Today we take a look at one of those lighters, the Black Label Dominator and this multi-tool for cigar enthusiasts has become a favorite since its release.

The Black Label Dominator

First and foremost, this essential cigar accessory has a powerful quadruple jet flame. The Dominator can light even the largest ring gauges with speed and ease. At the bottom, there is a large adjustment wheel for changing the size of the flame. You don’t need a screwdriver for this; as a fingernail will do the job just fine.

The Black Label Dominator Flame Adjustment Wheel

Next, and probably one of the most convenient features of this massive lighter is the pop-out double punch cutter that is located on the side. This offers you two different sized bullet cuts, one small and one large. If you are a fan of this style of cut, you now have two options for just about any ring gauge.

The Black Label Dominator Double Bullet Cutter

Not only that, but opposite of the built in punch cutters is a fully functional fold-out pair of cigar scissors you can further customize your cuts. This is especially good for torpedo’s or figurado shapes where a bullet cut just won’t do. The blades of the scissors are razor sharp and will give you a clean slice every time.

The Black Label Dominator Fold Out Cigar Scissors

As for the fuel tank, it’s massive. On one fill up, you can be sure this lighter won’t quit during your 18 hole golf outing with friends. The port at the bottom is easily accessible and doesn’t require tools to gas up when you’re on the go.

The last notable feature of the Dominator by Black Label is the ignition slider. It is very large and has deep grooves so your thumb won’t slide off while you’re trying to get lit up.

These amazing Swiss Army style cigar tools come in three different colors including black, chrome and gunmetal.

Price: $69.99


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