California Senate Passes Bill To Raise Smoking Age + Others

This morning the California State Senate approved a bill S.B.X27 that could make California the second state to pass legislation raising the tobacco purchase age to 21. The bill only needs the signature of Democrat Governor Jerry Brown who has refused to comment on whether he would sign it or not.

The move which was slammed by many Republicans in the Senate who felt the state should butt out from personal decisions as well as the fact that at 18 an individual is considered an adult in the eyes of the law and the military.

A similar proposal last year stalled in the Senate.

In addition to the bill to raise the tobacco age, the following measures were also approved.

  • S.B.X25 — Would classify e-cigarettes and vaping devices as “tobacco products.”
  • S.B.X26 — Would extend the smoking ban to most businesses with more than five employees.
  • S.B.X28 — Would promote tobacco-free policies and education programs at schools.
  • S.B.X29 — Would allow for local governments to impose additional taxes on tobacco products.

The scariest of all the bills is the last one which would allow for local towns and counties to add a cigar tax in addition to those on a state level.