Carmel, CA Bans Smoking Throughout City

It is perhaps one of the most draconian bans throughout our great nation, Carmel saw the City Council vote 4-0 to ban smoking in the city.

The measure completely forbids smoking in the city and is all-inclusive from cigars to medical marijuana to e-cigarettes. In fact, the only place you will be allowed to light up in the city is your car or your home; for now.

The city will now begin to place no smoking signs throughout the city including Carmel Beach, city parks and outdoor dining areas.

According to the City Attorney, the new measure will be about the re-education of people and that citations will not immediately be issued.  However, smoking will be considered an infraction and if an individual has three on record, they could be charged with a misdemeanor.

The measure joins an existing ordinance that require a permit to wear high heels over 2″ in the city.



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