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Webcasts 2012

Atabey, Byron, Bandolero

This week we’re smoking some of the best cigars in the world. Push those Cubans aside and find out what the best of the best truly is…. Today on The Cigar Authority we’re joined by Stephen Adib and Woody Brown from Selected Tobacco and Cuba Rica. We’re smoking the acclaimed Byron, Atabey, Bandolero, Via Havana and Testarosso.

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Smoke & Bikes

We’re live at Two Guys Smoke Shop in Nashua, NH for a Fred Smith motorcycle run. Live music, babes, BBQ & Premium Cigars! We light up the Zino Ten and the Swag So-Be (South Beach or So-Be-Your Self?).

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$7 Superstar Cigars

Today we’re smoking $7.00 Superstars! The La Duena, Curivari, Cuenca Y Blanco, and Flor de las Antillas. Which one will rank as The Cigar Authority’s favorite? Plus Mr Jonathan’s Wacky News, Cigar Snob’s Faux Pas, and wedding rings!

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