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Aladino Cameroon Reserva

Aladino Cameroon Reserva Limited Edition Unveiled

JRE Tobacco proudly unveils the Aladino Cameroon Reserva, heralded as the first cigar crafted entirely from 100% Honduran Cameroon. Expertly blended by Julio R. Eiroa and Justo Eiroa since 2017, the Cameroon Reserva line epitomizes exclusivity with its limited production, available solely through allocation. Representing a remarkable leap in sophistication for Aladino, the Cameroon Reserva box embodies luxury with its sleek piano finish and a refined variation of the Aladino logo. Encased in a 12-count green […]

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Nestor Miranda Grand Reserve

Nestor Miranda Grand Reserve 2024 Announced

Miami, FL –Miami Cigar & Co. announces the unveiling of the limited edition Nestor Miranda Grand Reserve 2024 at the 2024 PCA in Las Vegas. Miami Cigar & Co. previously released prior editions of the brand in 2011 and 2012. It was felt that it was the right moment to revive the NM Grand Reserve, in time for the company’s 35 year anniersary. Miami Cigar & Co. kicks off their 35-year anniversary by bringing back […]

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Padron 60th Anniversary

Padrón 60th Anniversary Cigar To Debut At PCA 2024

Miami, FL  – Padrón Cigars has announced the Padrón 60th Anniversary is being unveiled at PCA this week. To commemorate this special occasion, the esteemed cigar brand is proud to announce the launch of a new, limited production line of cigars. The Padrón 60th Anniversary cigar line will be in available in two blends, carefully crafted exclusively for this release by Padrón’s master blenders. Both blends, one natural and one maduro, are Nicaraguan puros, showcasing […]

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Davidoff Maduro

Davidoff Maduro Returns As Limited Release

Basel, Switzerland – Davidoff Cigars launches its new limited-release Davidoff Maduro, which pleases aficionados with a full-bodied taste experience of medium intensity. The new Maduro, which features Toro, Robusto and Short Corona cigars, is a successor to the brand’s former Maduro line of 2008. It delights with an adapted blend with a more balanced and nuanced flavour profile. A true Maduro is made of time – because time equals taste To achieve the sweet notes […]

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Upmann 180th Anniversary

H. Upmann 180th Anniversary Cigar & Humidor Announced

Fort Lauderdale, FL – Altadis U.S.A. celebrates a big milestone in 2024, as they celebrate the H. Upmann 180th Anniversary. The limited-edition H. Upmann 180th Anniversary cigar commemorates one of the oldest and most renowned cigar brands in the world since 1844. The cigar, an iconic 50 X 7 Churchill size, will be presented in a beautifully detailed 10-count box. Only 5,000 boxes have been produced. In addition to these boxes, Altadis U.S.A. will also release […]

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Asylum April Fools 2024

Asylum April Fools 2024 Coming to PCA 2024

Miami, FL – C.L.E. Cigar Company announces the unveiling of the Asylum April Fools’ 2024 “Year of the Dragon” at the PCA in Las Vegas. The Asylum April Fools’ 2024 Year of the Dragon is the fourth in a series of cigars that are released yearly on April Fools’ Day (April 1st). Last year’s version celebrated the Chinese Zodiac.” Asylum cigars will continue this trend showcasing this year’s version. In true Asylum style, the blend […]

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Aladino New Releases

Aladino New Releases For PCA 2024 Unveiled

Aladino new releases have been announced for PCA 2024. With the introduction of the Aladino Maduro Gordo and the all-new Fuma Noche line, the brand is set to ignite your nights with unforgettable smoking experiences. The announcement of the Aladino Maduro Gordo is sure to set hearts racing for aficionados who favor larger ring gauges. As a brand committed to meeting the diverse preferences of cigar enthusiasts, Aladino saw the demand and decided to introduce […]

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Supreme Leaf Rothschild

Supreme Leaf Rothschild Now Shipping To Stores

Aganorsa Leaf  Supreme Leaf Rothschild is now shipping to stores. Using the same blend of entirely Aganorsa Leaf tobaccos grown on our farms in Nicaragua and packed in the same vibrant colors as the original production, the latest vitola is a 4.5 x 50 box pressed Rothschild. “The vast majority of the vitolas released in Supreme Leaf have been between five and six inches long and 52-54 ring,” states Terence Reilly, who serves as Vice […]

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Asylum Serenity Now

Asylum Serenity Now, Insanity Later Coming to PCA 2024

Miami,FL – C.L.E. Cigar Company to present the Asylum Serenity Now, Insanity Later line of cigars at the 2024 PCA. Asylum is recognized for its bold, edgy, and creative cigars blends. The Asylum Serenity Now, Insanity Later brand is composed of two different cigar blends. The two blends represent a “split screen” type of smoking experience. The Asylum Serenity Now, Insanity Later cigars were blended by C.L.E. Cigar Company President Christian Eiroa. His inspiration was […]

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Shade To Black

Drew Estate & James Hetfield Announce Shade To Black

Drew Estate, in collaboration with Metallica’s James Hetfield and BLACKENED Whiskey’s Rob Dietrich, proudly unveils the BLACKENED S84 Shade to Black cigar, challenging the norms of maduro with a rebellious twist. This latest addition to the BLACKENED lineup, a brainchild of visionary Jonathan Drew, promises aficionados an unparalleled journey of creativity and boldness. The S84 Shade to Black cigar defies convention with its irreverent Connecticut Shade wrapper, elevating each draw into an effortless exploration of […]

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