Cigar Review: ADVentura The Conqueror Emperor Lancero

ADVentura The Conqueror Emperor’s Edition is a limited edition lancero, that is limited to just 500 boxes with only 350 of them going to the United States. Handmade in the Dominican Republic, the cigar sees the Ligero tobacco used in the regular release replaced by a lower priming Viso which helps not only with the burn, but it imparts a flavor perfect for this vitola. The tobacco’s using in this blend are aged 4-5 years before getting an additional 4-5 months after they are rolled.

Cigar Review: ADVentura The Conqueror
Wrapper: Ecuador H2000
Binder: Indonesia
Filler: Dominican Republic, Nicaragua
Length: 7″
Ring Gauge: 40
Size: Emperor (Lancero)

The Look: With the cigars packaged horizontally in the box, they take up a wider foot print on the shelf, but for a lancero I think it helps the visibility. Inside the burlap covered box sits 20 lancero cigars, with a  cut out for the pigtail cap that adorns the smoke. The H2000 wrapper is flawless with a subtle amount of oils visible and a nearly seamless roll. The band features the ADVentura crest in navy blue and in the hand the cigar has a hefty weight for a cigar of this stature.

The Notes: The cold draw takes me back to my childhood with elements of grape fun dip and the white stick used to scoops up the powder. Its sweet, but not overly sweet which helps tremendously. The aroma from the foot serves up some subtle cedar that would probably be more prevalent with a thick ring gauge.

As we smoke the first third, the first thing I notice is how impressed I am with the draw. With a lancero there is less room for error and the slightest draw issue can result in a cigar that won’t stay lit or burn to hot which can quickly derail the cigar. That is not the case here at all. The initial notes of the cigar features an abundance of cedar and a subtle caramel and sea salt present as well. The sea salt lingers on the finish while the retrohale serves up a robust nuttiness.

The second third sees the cedar notes remain dominant while the sea salt has faded to more of an after thought. Around the half way point of the cigar notes of dark chocolate begin to emerge slowly overtaking the cedar as the dominant profile. It is also at this point that the cigar develops some white pepper on the frontend that slowly increases over the course of the center cut of the ADVentura Conqueror Emperor. The retrohale continues to serve up some nuttiness with a hint of caramel.

The last third sees the cigar continue the same path, but the flavor profile hits my palate so I am fine with it. Notes of cedar, dark chocolate and caramel all balance together on the palate with some continued white pepper on the front end. For a lancero this cigar is producing a nice amount of smoke and the retrohale sees a subtle hint of vanilla emerge with continues nuttiness.

The Finish: Despite having a love for lancero’s I often find myself disappointed with the construction. As I stated earlier, the construction on this cigar is iconic. While the flavor profile doesn’t change much through out, the tradition tasting notes work for me in this vitola. It smokes fairly slow for a lancero and it doesn’t get hot. This is definitely a cigar to keep on hand and I’ll start with a 5 pack, but I can see these becoming a box buy.

Score: 93
Price: $11.69 /$206.99


Adventura Conqueror Emperor

Adventura Conqueror Emperor Box

Adventura Conqueror Emperor Foot

Adventura Conqueror Emperor Burn

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