Cigar Review: Alec Bradley Double Broadleaf Toro

Connecticut Broadleaf is one of the most popular wrappers for people who like stronger cigars. However, over the years a shortage of wrapper has created supply issues for some popular cigars. That issue has gotten worse over the years due to weather. Add to the fact that tobacco farms aren’t as prevalent in the Connecticut River Valley as they once were the shortage becomes is obvious.. This had lead tobacco farmers to try and recreate the characteristics of the wrapper by growing it in different regions outside the USA much like shade tobacco in Ecuador.

Alec Bradley has taken Connecticut Broadleaf grown in Honduras to create today’s cigar the Alec Bradley Double Broadleaf. According to their website, “The third release in the Alec Bradley Experimental Series, Double Broadleaf features proprietary wrapper and binder tobacco from heritage Connecticut Broadleaf seeds grown in the rich soils of Honduras. These exclusive tobaccos are then blended with an additional binder from Nicaragua and filler tobaccos from Honduras and Nicaragua to create a bold, rich, and flavorful smoking experience. The creation of Double Broadleaf exemplifies what it means to be experimental.

Cigar Review: Alec Bradley Double Broadleaf
Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf (Honduras)
Dual Binder: Connecticut Broadleaf (Honduras) / Nicaragua
Filler: Honduras, Nicaragua
Length: 5″
Ring Gauge: 50
Vitola: Robusto
Humidimeter Reading: 66%

The Look: Packaged in drab olive boxes of 24 the cigar features a dual band with the primary denoting Alec Bradley Experimental Series and the 2nd band denoting Double Broadleaf. At first glance the cigar doesn’t seem as toothy as most Broadleaf though it does feel like velvet. The cigar feels extremely heavy for its size and there are no voids of tobacco and a well packed foot.

The Notes: The cold draw of the Alec Bradley Double Broadleaf has notes of fudge, subtle leather and hint of sourdough. The aroma from the foot is non-existent which was a bit of a let down. Once the cigar is lit there is a quick burst of sweetness, heavy pepper on the nose and long finish of leather. Smoking the first half reveals notes of coffee beans, espresso and an abundance of leather. The retrohale adds some fudge notes giving the cigar some much needed sweetness.

As we continue the second half of the cigar leather notes remain dominant though elements of fudge begin to ramp up as we move past the secondary band. The finish is long and there is no doubt you smoked a cigar by the time you place this in the ash tray to burn on on its own.

The Finish: There is no doubt this is broadleaf even though it hits slightly different. It’s a bit one dimensional but considering the wrapper and one of the binders are broadleaf that was to be expected. The fact that Broadleaf has been successfully grown outside of Connecticut should have cigar smokers breathing a sigh of relief. The Double Broadleaf from Alec Bradley is a definite must have for brands of broadleaf. It’s a full bodied cigar that scratches the broadleaf itch.

Score: 92
Price: $9.99 / $212.99 (Box of 24)

Alec Bradley Double Broadleaf

Alec Bradley Double Broadleaf Foot

Alec Bradley Double Broadleaf Burn

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