Cigar Review | Avo LE Classic Covers 2015

Besides the regular production Avo cigars getting a make over, the same goes for the Avo Limited Edition, this year called Classic Covers 2015.

According to the Avo Press Release, “The famed AVO Classic blend became the foundation for the AVO Classic Covers 2015. Just as we celebrate “COVERS” or tributes to original music and songs played by others, this exciting new release gives AVO cigar fans a completely new spin on an old favorite.” explains Scott Kolesaire, AVO Brand Manager. “Select Dominican filler tobaccos used in the AVO Classic blend are “covered” with especially rare tobaccos from Nicaragua, Mexico and Ecuador.”

In fact when I first read the press release it seemed as if the cigar would feature different wrappers offering up a different experience, but now that the cigar is released we realize that is not the case.

Cigar: Avo Classic Covers 2015
Size: 6 x 50 (Toro)
Wrapper: Ecuador 702
Binder: San Andreas
Filler: Nicaragua (Ometempe Ligero); Dominican Republic (Piloto Ligero, San Vincente Ligero, Hybrid Corojo/Olor Ligero and Dominican Criolllo Ligero.
Strength: Mild/Medium
Source: Two Guys Smoke Shop

The Look: The eggshell colored band with elements of bronze and back show case the Avo logo while a secondary band denotes Classic Covers 2015. In the hand the cigar feels firm with no soft spots, although the foot rerelease the cigar could be packed a little more. The beautiful 702 wrapper is rolled flawlessly and is glistening with oils. In fact this is one of the more beautiful Avo cigars I have laid my eyes on, but the question is how does it smoke?

The Notes: The foot of the cigar has those classic Henke Kelner elements that you come to expect from most Avo and Davidoff cigars. There is an aroma of barnyard with hints of hay and earth like a dry desert climate. The cold draw has a subtle creaminess but more of the barnyard elements.

Once the cigar is lit the elements of the San Vincente are easily identifiable, with a hint of pepper through the nose. The hay and grass fade and the cigar develops depth and character. A smooth creaminess over elements of nuts, toast and a slightly vegetal finish.

The second third of the Avo Classic Covers delivers more notes of toast and nuts with a slightly meaty taste to it. This is not the typical Avo cigar as the strength picks up some and there is a nice richness to it. As the second third comes to a close there is a hint of toffee developing.

The last third sees the toffee continue to develop with some hints of mocha. There is a continue nutty note and some subtle spices through the nose. As we take off the band the cigar looses the sweetness and returns to earthy notes and faint licorice finish.

The Burn: With a razor-sharp and thin burn line, the Avo Classic Covers 2015 Edition shows off its impeccable construction. The draw which I worried might have been too loose based off the foot offered up a slight resistance to keep the cigar burning nice and slow. The light color ash was firm and held on commendably for a third of the time and never needed a relight or a touch up.

The Finish: I’ll be the first to admit I grew kind of tired of the Avo Limited Edition cigars that came out yearly, for a while I was buying boxes and enjoying them before losing interest in the line. This years blend is among the best to date for the LE Series, and has rekindled my interest in yearly series.

Score: 91
Price: $16.19 / $230.99

Avo Classic Covers

Avo Classic Covers

Avo Classic Covers Foot

Avo Classic Covers Foot

Avo Classic Covers Burn

Avo Classic Covers Burn

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