Cigar Review: Big Papi Firecracker

When you think of David Ortiz the first thing that comes to mind is his bat, then come the cigars. However, since their inception the legend of Big Papi cigars have grown. Made in the Dominican Republic, Big Papi started as a cigar blend by him for his friends. The cigar was so well received that Ram Rodiguez of El Artista Cigars, the makers of Big Papi convinced him to release the cigars to the public. What started as perhaps a novelty to fans, the cigar has grown in popularity.

In 2022, United Cigars teamed up with Ortiz and El Artista to make the Big Papi Firecracker which is limited to a production of 1,00o boxes of which 10 have been randomly signed by the Hall of Fame member.

Cigar Review: Big Papi Firecracker
Wrapper: San Andres
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and USA
Length: 3.5″
Ring Gauge: 50
Size: Firecracker

The Look: The Big Papi Firecracker measures 3 ½ x 50 and  is presented in collectible boxes of 20 cigars. Each box features a QR Code for a special ‘Thank you’ video from former MLB 1st Baseman and Designated Hitter David Ortiz. Ortiz played 14 seasons in the majors, finishing his career with ten All-Star appearances, three World Series rings and seven Silver-Slugger Awards. Making the boxes even more collectible will be the 10 MVP mystery boxes with his signature inside and sealed at the factory in Tamboril, Dominican Republic. Those boxes contain a different QR code and message.

The Notes: The cold draw of the Big Papi Firecracker serves up notes of graham crackers with a subtle chocolate component while the foot of the cigar serves up a very subtle nuttiness. Once the cigar is toasted and lit the initial notes are leathery to start.

Moving into the first half the leather notes pull back some as elements of cocoa, cedar and nuts intertwine creating a starting line up of flavor notes. The cigar is remarkably smooth and as we get near the United Cigar band, red and black pepper notes begin to intensify giving the cigar the strength of a power hitter. The retrohale serves up a subtle caramel sweetness alongside cedar and additional red pepper.

The second third of the Big Papi Firecracker sees the addition of roasted chestnuts and mocha. There are still notes of red and black pepper along with a touch of leather and graham crackers. The finish is long and spicy that is enhanced by the retrohale which salted caramel, espresso and black pepper.

The Finish: As with all Firecracker releases, the question is inevitable. How does it compare to the others. The cigar wouldn’t be batting lead off, but it would be near the top of your lineup, probably batting 3rd. In baseball this is a spot held for a player with a high batting average, and like those players, this cigar produces. The strength builds up as the cigar is smoked, and the flavors are clean and enjoyable. It’s an all-star, plain and simple.

Score: 92
Price: $7.99 / $139.99

Big Papi Firecracker

Big Papi Firecracker Foot

Big Papi Firecracker Burn

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