Cigar Review: Camacho Factory Unleashed 2

According to Camacho, This is a cigar that is built on the chassis of their all-time workhouse. The Camacho Factory Unleashed 2 sports a sought-after Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper that is please to the eye with a creamy latte hue that could inaccurately be perceived as a mellow cigar. The press release goes on to say, “A golden Connecticut wrapped cigar that roars strength and character. A true representation of “Where Bold is Born.”The bold intensity and unconventional craftsmanship of our state-of-the-art factory in Honduras is once again showcased in this multi-regional blend sure to spark the interest of aficionados and become a staple in humidors across the nation.”

Cigar Review: Camacho Factory Unleashed 2
Wrapper: Ecuador Connecticut
Binder: Nicaragua Habano
Filler: Honduras, Dominican Republic
Length: 6″
Ring Gauge: 50
Size: Toro

The Look: Packaged in 100-count rustic wooden crates of which 1,000 units were made, the packaging is designed with the inspiration to reflect the rustic appeal of raw wood color tones which mimic the golden wrapper of what Camacho calls an unconventional cigar. The Ecuador wrapper is golden in color, with a significant network of veins visible. The wrapper ends at 5.75″ leaving a shaggy foot of binder and filler exposed for a quarter-inch. In the hand the cigar feels light with no voids of tobacco.

The Notes: The cold draw of the Camacho Factory Unleashed has a subtle creaminess with a hint of oak while the aroma off the foot is spicy with additional nuances of the aforementioned oak. Once the cigar is toasted and lit there is and abundance a fennel like spice, that is until the wrapper kicks in when the cigar develops a buttery richness.

Smoking the first third the cigar features creamy notes with a hint of pine nuts, oak and coffee beans. It’s remarkably smooth and despite Camacho saying the isn’t a mellow cigar, it hits me as being just south of medium. The finish of the cigar has some leather and earth, but its relatively short.

Moving into the second third notes of leather and earth become dominant right at the half-way point but that is short lived as the cigar transitions back to creamy with a coffee beans. Hints of pine nuts remain along with some subtle oak and as the second third comes to a close the strength creeps up to medium. The retrohale is slightly floral but it increases the pepper components on the palate at the same time.

The final third continues along the same lines as the prior C. Pine nuts become dominant, but the cigar is creamy and smooth like a coffee with too much cream in it. There is a subtle earth, especially on the retrohale where it is joined by some pepper. The cigar has a relatively short finish, throughout.

The Finish: Throughout the whole cigar smoking experience all I could think of is this cigar isn’t offensive. It’s similar to the Camacho Connecticut but maybe with a bit more spice and I personally enjoy it more than that line. While the cigar was enjoyable and I would buy it again, for me it was missing that something “extra” to create a wow factor. It’s good, not offensive and maybe that’s a win.

Score: 90
Price: $8.19 / $719.99 (Crate of 100)

Camacho Factory Unleashed 2

Camacho Factory Unleashed 2 Foot

Camacho Factory Unleashed 2 Burn

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