Cigar Review: Illusione Gigantes

Conspiracy, if there is one person who has embraced them it is Dion Giolito and his company Illusione cigars. However, I feel there might be some type of conspiracy in play here as the company which has embraced small ring gauges has released a cigar with some added girth. The website states, “Critical mass. Heavy in flavor and in size. The illusione *G* Gigantes creates the smoke to fend off thought control allowing an A-1 cigar experience“. The cigar is available in one size and is a followup to the very successful *R* Rothchildes.

Cigar: Illuisione *G* Gigantes
Size: 6.5 x 56 (Gigantes)
Wrapper: San Andreas (Mexico)
Binder: Dual: Criollo ’98 (Esteli), Corojo ’99 (Jalapa).
Filler: Nicaragua (AGANORSA).
Strength: Medium

The Look: The Illusione G features a band similar in layout to the R series with an exception of color and verbiage. A purple background with Illusion Gigante is front and center with a gold border and white background round things out. The cigar which feels large for an Illusione isn’t necessarily so, for today’s market. The San Andreas wrapper that adorns the cigar is flawless with a slightly rough feel under the fingers. The foot of the cigar reveals a variety of tobaccos.

The Notes: Once the cap is cut with my double blade cutter there are notes of mocha and earth while the nose of the foot heightens the mocha experienced on the cold draw. As the cigar is lit there are some subtle spices that develop over a dominant chocolate with the hint of nuts that border on cashews.

As we enter the first third of the cigar the notes of cashew become extremely well-defined with a sweetness that reminds me of sugar-coated fruit slices, almost like a chuckle, specifically the green one.

In the second third of the cigar the tart like fruit note is the focal point and it is so different that it makes this cigar stand out. Just after the midway point the note fades and the mocha returns with a touch of espresso and the slightest wisp of vanilla on the finish.

The last third of the cigar develops a true tobacco note, and for the first time there is evidence of the San Andreas wrapper in the flavor profile. There is a bitter earthy taste, that is synonymous with the tobacco. There is also a coffee note similar to espresso on the finish as the cigar comes to a close.

The Burn: The Illusione Gigante has a bit of a weak ash for a cigar of its size with it only holding in half-inch increments. Each time I rested the cigar it would drop off. The draw offered the slightest resistance which is how I like my cigar and the burn was razor-sharp from start to finish with a thin carbon line.

The Finish: The Illusione Gigante is an every day cigar with a tremendous flavor profile that tantalizes the palate. Some really distinct notes and excellent construction bring this cigar home. Worthy of box, this cigar is an excellent fit to the Illusione portfolio.

Score: 92
Price: $7.99

Illusione Gigante

Illusione Gigante

Illusione Gigante Foot

Illusione Gigante Foot

Illusione Gigante Burn

Illusione Gigante Burn

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