Cigar Review: Insidious by Asylum

Introduced at IPCPR 2014 in Las Vegas, the Insidious by Asylum has begun to ship to retailers. The cigars come in 5 sizes and all of them come in at under $5.00. The sizes are  5 x 50, 6 x 52, 7 x 48  and 7 x 64. They are made in Honduras at a factory owned by Christina Eiroa and are distributed by Fabricas Unidas the parent company of CLE. 

Cigar: Insidious by Asylym
Size: Robusto (5 x 50)
Wrapper: Ecuador Connecticut (Sweet Tip)
Binder: Honduras
Filler: Honduras
Strength: Mild

The Look: The wrapper of the Insidious by Asylum is a very blonde looking Ecuador Connecticut. The wrapper which has a clean look to it an is rolled to perfection. The band is cream-colored with a skull logo denoting its name under it. In the hand the cigar has an above average weight to it with a well packed foot.

The Notes: The Insidious by Asylum features a sweet tip, though it is much more subtle than similar brands such as Baccarat. On the cold draw there is a slight tingle on the top of the tongue which denotes sweet, but there is also a earthy component of hay. The foot of the cigar is very earthy as well with notes of hay and dry grass.

As we move into the first third of the cigar I’ve already forgotten that the cigar was sweet tipped as it has completely faded away. The cigar has a lot of earth components and a little bit of nuts. The cigar is mild, but there is a nice taste to it keeping me interested.

Moving into the second third of the cigar there are notes of raisin and a slight maple note with the developing of some pepper through the nose taking the smoke from the realm of ultra mild to modern mild.


The last third of the continues down the same road as the prior two thirds with notes of earth and a sweet maple note. The pepper has faded away and the finish is nice and short.

The Burn: The draw of the Insidious by Asylum offers little resistance and the ash is solid, holding for half the cigar at the time. The burn was even from start to finish and the cigar never once needed to be touched up.

The Finish: For a cigar that retails under $5.00 this is a good beginners stick and something to offer to your friend who is new to smoking. The sweet cap fades away by the first inch, but the overall smoke is mild and would be a good breakfast cigar as well. For the seasoned cigar smoker, it lacks the complexity, strength and flavors that I personally look for. However, the Insidious  does a good job at delivering what it was designed for.

Score: 88
Price: $4.20


Insidious by Asylum Foot

Insidious by Asylum Foot

Insidious by Asylum Burn

Insidious by Asylum Burn


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