Cigar Review: Luciano The Dreamer Belicoso

From ACE Prime & Crowned Heads comes The Dreamer by Luciano. It is teamed after the owner and co-founder of Tabacalera Pichardo and ACE Prime, Luciano Meirelles. Inspired by the book “The Artisan Soul” (Erwin McManus), The Dreamer is a cigar that innovates in every possible way. The construction is designed to create the best draw experience, and the leaves contained in this blend are carefully selected to provoke more salivation.  “I wanted to produce a cigar that would represent the human imagination,” says Luciano Meirelles. “We are very proud of this blend. The Dreamer is something special for the true cigar lover.

Originally released as a limited edition Lancero, the cigar was made in three new sizes for release at TPE 2022. All four sizes are now regular production due to popular demand.

Cigar Review: Luciano The Dreamer
Wrapper: Ecuador Havana
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua & Peru (Pelo d’Oro)
Length: 5.5″
Ring Gauge: 52
Size: Belicoso

The Look: Packaged in 15 count black box with a gold silhouette of Luciano, the box has a luxurious feel to it. The Belicoso has a sharp pointed tip which makes it aesthetically pleasing to this reviewer. The cigar has a taupe colored ribbon at the foot and the band is basic with colors of black and white denoting Luciano. The Ecuador Havana wrapper has a nice chestnut colored hue to it and it is rolled to perfection. In the hand the cigar feels dense with a nice weight to it and a well packed foot.

The Notes: The cold draw has some subtle coffee and cookie components to it along with a secondary hint of fruit that serves as an afterthought. The aroma off the foot is warm with notes of nutmeg and a hint of black pepper that almost has me sneeze. Once the cigar is toasted and lit, the initial note reminds me of a generic supermarket chocolate chip cookie which in my opinion is the best cookie of them all.

As we smoke our way into the first third, notes of cedar and oak are the most noticeable making this a cigar I would love to pair with Woodford Reserve Double Oaked. Additional notes are cookie dough, a subtle floral component and coffee. The retrohale adds a subtle butterscotch with an abundance of leather and pepper.

The second third starts off with notes of earth and coffee with coffee becoming dominant around the half way point. The cigar is joined by notes of cookie dough and dark chocolate though they serve as more of an after thought. The finish serves up some cedar and oak while the retrohale has calmed down considerably with notes of burnt caramel and a subtle pepper.

The final third sees the cigar continues with notes of earth and coffee, though there is some subtle sweetness in the background in the form of toasted caramel. The finish continues to serve up cedar and oak, with a slight floral component. While the retrohale sees continued notes of burnt caramel and subtle pepper.

The Finish: Luciano The Dreamer was a cigar that was met with critical acclaim based upon the socials. So much so the company decided to make a regular edition release and having smoked a few of these releases I can see why. It a medium-full cigar that is dense in tobacco, that should age well. I found that I like to dry box these before smoking them. For me, that means I take one out of my humidor in the morning before firing it up at night or the next day. I find due to massive amount of tobacco in these they smoke much better at a lower humidity. I bought a box, so I’ll be enjoying these over the summer.

Score: 92
Price: $12.99 / $174.99

Luciano The Dreamer Belicoso

Luciano The Dreamer Belicoso Foot

Luciano The Dreamer Belicoso Burn


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