Cigar Review: Senorial by Jose Blanco

I’ve long considered Jose Blanco to be not only my friend, but to a degree my mentor. We email each other on a regular basis, and he has always been there for me with words of support. In fact, it was Jose Blanco that gave me my first lesson on tobacco that went above and beyond his renowned tasting seminar.

Today’s cigar is the freshman release from the Jose Blanco owned Los Cumbres Tobacco. The Senorial by Jose Blanco is rolled at Palma Tabacalera which is owned by Jose Blanco’s first cousin, Jochi Blanco. The factory was founded in 1936 by Jochi’s father and has been a part of the Blanco family since 1936.

Cigar: Senorial by Jose Blanco
Size: Corona Gorda (5.5 x 46)
Wrapper:  Ecuador Habano
Dominican Republic (Cuban Piloto, Corojo)
Strength: Medium-Full

The Look: The Habano wrapper grown in Ecuador has a silk like appearance. There are a lot of thin veins present on the wrapper, that has a slightly brindle look to it. The band features a watercolor looking painting as its background with a gold powder border and text of the brand name. In the hand the cigar feels a little light, however there are no soft spots with a slightly spongy foot.

The Notes: The cold draw of the Senorial by Jochi Blanco has a faint molasses with some earth components that remind me of an arid desert. The foot of the cigar has some stronger molasses and raisin notes that are enjoyable. Once the cigar is lit the initial notes are of oak and wheat.

As we delve further into the first third of the cigar there is some strength that was not present when I first smoked this cigar months ago. There is some pepper through the nose as well, but the primary notes continue to be wheat, oats, and oak.

In the second third of the cigar, some sweetness begins to develop that has an almost mocha like characteristics but it is dwarfed by the continued components of wheat and earth. At the midway point there are some notes of raisins that begin to emerge and the oak that was dominant in the first third has entered back into the mix.

In the final third of Senorial, the notes of wheat and oak remain with the introduction of some cinnamon notes on this cigar that has a strength that creeps up on you a little bit at a time.

The Burn: The draw of the Senorial was perfect by my standards with a slight resistance and an ample production of smoke. The marble ash holds for about an inch and a half at clip with a burn line that was ultra thin wand razor-sharp. All in all, this is pretty fits what I would describe as a cigar that has perfect construction.

The Finish: When I smoked these the week that Senorial made its debut, I was a little disappointed. However, in the 2 months since their release I can say that the Senorial is a cigar that has aged well. While not overly complex it does provide a straight forward smoking experience that is classic and has me salivating at what will be next from Las Cumbres Tobacco. An enjoyable cigar from first light to last puff.

Score: 90
Price: $7.29

Senorial by Jose Blanco

Senorial by Jose Blanco

Senorial by Jose Blanco Foot

Senorial by Jose Blanco Foot

Senorial by Jose Blanco Burn

Senorial by Jose Blanco Burn

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