Cigar Review: Terra Nova Araparique Robusto

In January of 2022 German based Arnold André announced US distribution with United Cigars. Founded in 1817, Arnold André is the largest machine-made cigar manufacturer in Germany and began its premium cigar production after purchasing a facility in the Dominican Republic in 2011. Though their premium cigar production has been well received all over Europe and today we review one of their US releases in Terra Nova Araparique.

According to Arnold Andre, Araperique is one of the rarest and most sophisticated tobacco types in the world. This tobacco is matured using the “Method Perique” (layered in oak whisky barrels and matured under high pressure for at least a year) which is still based on the methods used by the Choctaw Indians.

Cigar Review: Terra Nova Araparique
Wrapper: Ecuador Connecticut
Binder: Indonesia Besuki
Filler: Brazil (Arapiraca, Mata Fina), Peru, Nicaragua
Length: 4 7/8″
Ring Gauge: 50
Size: Robusto

The Look: Packaged in black wooden boxes with a white label attached that has the feel of a wine bottle. The lid slides over revealing a box of 20 laid out in 4 rows of 5 cigars. The Terra Nova band is simple with the brand name and sub-brand name on the front. The Ecuador grown Connecticut seed wrapper is flawless with a nice oily sheen and minimal veins with a nicely packed foot. There are no voids of tobacco and the cigar has an average weight to it.

The Notes: The cold draw of the Terra Nova Araparique has a nice fennel spice to it alongside peanuts from a shell with the skin still attached. It reminds me a lot of traveling through the south of the United States and hitting up a roadside stand for a sack of nuts during my travels. The aroma on the foot of the cigar is slightly floral with a flour like sweetness as well. The cold draw and aroma are very different whereas there is usually a common ground between the two.

Once the cigar is toasted and lit, there is a subtle floral component on the first couple of puffs before fading away to a cigar that has notes of orange zest along side a touch of maple. It is very reminiscent of a properly made old fashioned that perhaps uses Maple Knob Creek. Before the first third comes to a close the maple pulls back some as a hint of fennel and caraway seeds begin to emerge. The retrohale has a flour like sweetness with some dough components as well.

As we start the second third notes of fennel and caraway seeds remain dominant with some subtle cayenne spice mixed in as well. There is a bit of orange zest on the finish of the cigar along with a hint of cinnamon and some powdered sugar. The retrohale sees the introduction of some anise and a touch of cayenne. It’s remarkably smooth and balanced and I find myself enjoying the cigar immensely.

The last third sees the cigar become earthy with notes of dough and black pepper especially on the finish of the cigar. As the cigar concludes it loses some of its complexity but it is still a rather enjoyable experience. The retrohale still sees some dough notes with a hint of spice and leather.

The Finish: Despite featuring a 5 nation blend of tobacco there is no doubting this cigar is made in the Dominican Republic as I am fairly confident in a blind taste I would easily identify the country of origin. It’s an interesting cigar with the use of two different Brazilian tobaccos in the filler which makes the cigar stand out. As a fan of Araparica tobacco the cigar hits my palate right and at the price point it comes off as a great value.

Score: 91
Price: $8.20 / 139.40

Terra Nova Araparique

Terra Nova Araparique Burn

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