Cigar Rights of American Announces The Stamp Program

Today, Cigar Rights of America unveiled a new program for its corporate sponsors and benefactors, as a means to recognize those companies which are assisting CRA with the organization’s legislative program, development of a national grassroots network of cigar patrons, and now litigation against federal regulatory oversight of premium cigars.

CRA is launching “The Stamp” initiative leading into the 84th International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers trade show in Las Vegas next week. The stamp is a colorful depiction of the acclaimed CRA logo of the cigar touting patriot that will be affixed to cigar boxes by CRA corporate sponsors. The stamp was designed by Manny Iriarte of Iriarte Photography & Design , and produced by Cigar Rings, as a contribution to the support of Cigar Rights of America.

According to CRA Executive Director J. Glynn Loope, “We wanted to develop a program to recognize those companies that have been and are advancing the cause of CRA as a movement among patrons of great premium cigars, for their resources that have advanced the legislative agenda of CRA in Washington and across the nation, and are giving to this partnership between the manufacturers, community retail tobacconist and consumers of premium handmade cigars.”

CRA will be undertaking a national promotional campaign to recognize those companies that are donating to CRA, by highlighting the stamp presence on cigar boxes, and by holding in-store events with consumers and CRA sponsoring companies. Loope noted, “Now more than ever, with the proposed federal regulation issue and the onslaught of state and local smoking bans, tax and related regulatory issues, patrons of these great cigar companies need to be engaged in the political process in defense of the industry. It is important to us that everyone knows of the companies that are engaging with us in this long-term process to defend the simple enjoyment of cigars, and the stamp helps us do that.

At the upcoming IPCPR trade show in Las Vegas, participating companies will have promotional materials in their booth noting their support of CRA.

Tomorrow, CRA will announce its “Honor Roll” of 2015-2016 corporate sponsors and benefactors.


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