Cigar Shop Owners Working Together to be Better…UNITED

United Cigar Retailers A small, unique and energized group of Cigar Retailers are now together and “United” for the purpose of making their shops better through shared education.  The group meets virtually via computer from coast to coast to create ideas and promotions, become better retailers and add superior customer service for their customers. 

This exclusive group called “United Cigar Retailers” will launch unique brands and promotions, while educating each other to better service their customers.  The lost art of customer service is making its comeback with this group U.C.R. 

What consumers should expect is a better overall experience from these shops.  These store owners really care and are working very hard every day to be better. 

To find who is in this elite group just look for their brand “United Cigar.  United Cigar is a boxed pressed cigar with the “United” logo on the band.  Try it and know that the cigar is not only a great tasting Dominican smoke, but a good value.   

U.C.R. shops will soon stand out above all others, because these are cigar shop owners who really care to improve…it’s that simple.

“Cigar shop owners working together to be better”…UNITED.

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