Press Release: CLE To Distribute Reyes Family Cigars

The following is a press release from Christian Eiroa outlining the new distribution deal with Reyes Family Cigars:

It is with great pleasure and true honor that I announce to you, that we have formed a partnership with Rolando Reyes Sr.’s family. Although both families agreed not to divulge the terms of the partnership, I can tell you that the factory operations will remain in control of the Reyes family as well as the late Rolando Reyes Sr.’s blends and formulas. As of September 12th, 2016, marketing and sales will be a joint responsibility and will be handled out of Tabacaleras Unidas (C.L.E. Cigars).

Rolando Reyes was a mentor to me and over the years spent countless hours teaching me about tobacco and cigars in general, definitely one of the greatest men I have ever known. He was known for his simple life and true passion and dedication for his craft. Just being around him inspired me to love tobacco and cigars and taught me to never accept “good enough”.

The first brands we will distribute are Puros Indios which is world famous for its peculiar taste and of course, Cuba Aliados. Cuba Aliados was one of the first and most popular Super Star brands during the Cigar Boom and was recognized as such by Cigar Aficionado. The taste of these cigars is like nothing else you have tasted and if you are “new” to cigars, you are in for a treat. Rolando Reyes Sr. could blend cigars like nobody else. When you smoke your first Puros Indios and Cuba Aliados cigars it will be like taking a time machine back and being able to taste what made many of these great men, “great!”

Please note that all of these brands are grandfathered and hence will be approved by the FDA. These cigars are here to stay.

Christian Eiroa

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