Colibri Announces Return of Quasar

Designed in New York City and hand-crafted in California

New York City, July 2, 2015—Colibri announces a new limited edition series of the Colibri Quasar cigar humidor. Designed in New York City by Colibri and hand-crafted in California by Daniel Marshall, the Quasar model made its debut at last year’s International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers (IPCPR) show and quickly sold out. The visually striking Quasar humidors, inspired by the hobnail pattern on the vintage 1960s Colibri Molectric lighter, redefine the boundaries of the traditional cigar humidor. It pushes humidor design toward the realm of art and is a bold addition to any luxury living spacing.

At this month’s IPCPR show, Colibri (booth #16815) introduces three new Quasar humidors. The first is a new large 16” wide model with a 150-175 cigar capacity. It will come in the same stellar matte black finish of the original and only 200 units will be produced. Each one is serialized on the Colibri plaque located on the inner side of humidor’s lid. Suggested retail is $1,995.

In addition, two new 12” wide models (100-125 cigar capacity) will be introduced in two new colors, a metallic black and a matte red. Only 200 units of each will be produced. Each will be serialized on the Colibri plaque located on the inner lid. Suggested retail is $1,500.

Master craftsman, Daniel Marshall, rated the number one humidor creator by Cigar Aficionado magazine, has produced luxury humidors from his state-of-the-art workshop in southern California since 1982. “We constructed the exterior from Honduran mahogany and lined the interior with untreated Spanish cedar,” says president Daniel Marshall while speaking of the Quasar, “which works in concert with our unique construction to enable fine cigars to become ‘alive’. To create the multi-dimensional contours of the exterior, we had to manufacture a custom carbide cutter to produce the four-sided pyramid shapes. We then finished the exterior with a matte black lacquer. Careful and thoughtful attention goes into each step in our process. From start to finish, each humidor we construct will have passed 175 individual and delicate procedures.”

The Quasar is constructed of Honduran mahogany and the interior is lined with untreated Spanish cedar. Exceptional humidification is regulated by the Daniel Marshall self-regulating humidification system. Each Quasar includes two movable dividers. All three Quasar humidors will ship in July.

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