Colorado Bill Introduced That Would Ban Smoking In Cigar Shops

The state of Colorado has seen the introduction of HB19-1076 which would remove the exemption for cigar shops thus making smoking in a cigar lounge illegal within the state. The bill is was initially sponsored by Reps. Dafna Michaelson Jenet (D-30), Colin Larson (R-22), Sens. Kevin Priola (R-25), and Kerry Donovan (D-5),

The bill amends the “Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act” by:

  • Adding a definition of “electronic smoking device” (ESD) to include e-cigarettes and similar devices within the scope of the act;
  • Citing the results of recent research on ESD emissions and their effects on human health as part of the legislative declaration;
  • Eliminating the existing exceptions for certain places of business in which smoking may be permitted, such as airport smoking concessions, businesses with 3 or fewer employees, designated smoking rooms in hotels, and designated smoking areas in assisted living facilities; and
  • Repealing the ability of property owners and managers to designate smoking and nonsmoking areas through the posting of signs.

The bill has been assigned to the committee on Health & Insurance.

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