Davidoff Chefs Edition 2021 Cigar Review

The gastronomy sector is closely linked to the indulgence one can find in a Davidoff cigar. The art of blending, the craftmanship, artisany and effort that goes into the creation of a taste experience are the most important virtues among both the handcrafted premium cigar and the premium gastronomy world.

This year‘s third Limited Edition links our Master Blenders competence to those of the chosen Chefs. This third installment represents the common approach between pure ingredients, local sourcing and sustainability. Translating these methods in the cigar results in using a high percentage of native Dominican tobaccos grown in our own fields. Using the same approaches in the design results in an innovative and multiple-use packaging found in this years Chefs Edition.

The Chefs chosen for this years project are: Norbert Niederkofler (AlpINN Food Space & Restaurant South Tirol | Italy), Juan Amador (Amador Vienna | Austria), Jorge Vallejo (Quinonil Mexico City | Mexico) & Masa Takayama (MASA New York | USA)  

Cigar Review: Davidoff Chefs Edition 2021
Wrapper: Ecuador Hybrid 238
Binder: San Andres Negro Seco
Fillers: Dominican Republic (Piloto Seco, San Vicente Ligero, Piloto Visus and Hybrid 192 Seco)
Length: 7″
Ring Gauge: 48
Size: Churchill

The Look: The packaging for the 2021 Chefs Edition serves as an ashtray and a serving tray. The wood lid removes and on the bottom is a slot for two cigars and a cut out for two rocks glasses. The bottom of the box which holds 10 cigars serves as a ceramic ashtray once the cigar have been removed making this a tremendous keepsake. The chestnut brown hybrid wrapper has a nice amount of oils and one that stands out above the classic white and gold Davidoff band on the sample used for this review. Also adorning the cigar is a secondary band denoting the Chefs Edition 2021.

The Notes: The cold draw of the Davidoff Chefs Edition 2021 offers up notes of graham and subtle cocoa along with a touch of barnyard which has always been synonymous with the brand for me. The aroma off the foot serves up an abundance of raw carrots. Once the cigar is toasted there are cedar component on this smooth velvety smoke.

As we move into the first third notes of cream and cedar dominate the palate with a touch of hot peppers which is unlike anything I’ve had from the Davidoff portfolio. It’s a flavor bomb, where normally for me many Davidoff’s cigars are more subtle. The hot pepper notes are especially noticeable on the finish leaving a subtle tingle on the tongue while the retrohale offers up a hint of almonds.

Moving into the second third subtle floral notes begin to develop and the carrots from the cold draw make it on to the palate for a quick hit just before the half way point. At the halfway point cinnamon begins to emerge and it ramps up as we progress through the rest of the second third where it is joined by roasted coffee beans. The retrohale still sees a touch of almonds and it is joined by cedar as well.

As the final third begins subtle notes of cinnamon hold on for a little bit before cedar takes control becoming the dominant profile. After we remove the secondary band a touch of cacao and caramel develop as secondary notes with some hot pepper on the finish. The retrohale serves up notes of some subtle carrots and cedar.

The Finish: One of my good friends who is a Davidoff smoker asked me to describe the cigar to him in one word and I chose exquisite. At $39 a single this is a cigar that you want to find the right time to enjoy such as after a incredible meal or breaking open a special bottle of scotch. I usually don’t time how long it takes for me to smoke a cigar, but Davidoff likes to list smoking times on what they call a sell sheet for retailers. On this sheet they said smoking time was 60-75 minutes and for me it lasted 93 minutes.

Score: 96
Price: $39.00 / $389.99

Davidoff Chef Edition 2021

Davidoff Chef Edition Foot 2021

Davidoff Chef Edition Burn 2021

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