Editorial – Memorial Day

While Independence Day is the holiday that celebrates our release from British rule, it is Memorial Day that to me recognizes the freedom of America. It is important that we each take the time to acknowledge the soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice in defending these freedoms. Because without the brave men and women who continue to serve this country, those rights would cease to exist.

Which brings me to cigar smokers. My grandfather fought for this country in World War II to defend us from the Japanese and Germans. He fought for the very freedoms that are slowly being taken away from us. He enjoyed a cigar and a Dewers on a daily basis and despite being blind the last 30 years of his life he lived until he was 96 years old.

Our great country is moving away from what set us apart from the rest of the world. Our rights to enjoy life as we see fit are under fire from smoking bans, soft drink bans and in some cases where we can walk our pets.

As Americans we need to stand up and let those who have been elected know they need to honor the memory of those who served this great nation and that enough is enough. We need to tell these officials no more bans, no more loss of freedoms, and that we are not second class citizens.

I ask everyone out today to pay it forward when they see a service member, active or retired. Buy them a drink, offer them a cigar, perhaps a United Cigar. Thank them for their service, and hope that theĀ freedom that many gave their lives for doesn’t cease to exist.



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