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Another show in the can, giggity. As has become custom we feature a full in-depth review of a cigar smoked on the show usually from the Cigar Authority Care Package. This week that cigar is the Eiroa CBT.

The Eiroa CBT, which stands for Capa, Banda, Tripa is all maduro. The wrapper, binder, and filler is made up of tobacco that can be classified as Maduro. A Maduro as defined from Christian is, “A tobacco leaf that cures and ferments with a lot of body and strength; usually deriving from the very high primings on a tobacco plant. These leaves usually turn a dak color during fermentation.”

Cigar Review: Eiroa CBT
Wrapper: Maduro
Binder: Maduro
Filler: Maduro
Length: 5″
Ring Gauge: 50
Size: Robusto

The Look: The Eiroa CBT utilizes a band of red, black and silver that features embossing on the text portion. A sleeve of paper covers the cigar from the foot just up to the band. Once that sleeve is removed the Eiroa CBT reveals an evenly colored Maduro wrapper that is perfectly applied to the cigar. The foot is well packed and the cigar has a nice weight to it.

The Notes: The cold draw of the Eiroa CBT is an amazing defined apricot and dry cookie dough. There was no second guessing, there was no doubt. It was so well-defined I felt as if I was gaining weight from too many cold draws. The foot of the cigar serves up some anise notes and a subtle spice.

The first third of the CBT continues with some sweetness, and a subtle spice. On the initial light the sweetness of chocolate is present with some hints of licorice. Through the nose there is some red pepper notes and an abundance of cedar.

In the second third of the Eiroa the note of anise continues as the cookie dough experienced on the cold draw is introduced to the palate. The cedar notes experienced on the retrohale makes it way to the palate as well. Through the nose on the retrohale is sweetness and spice, making the cigar oh so nice!

The last third of the cigar remains sweet with notes of apricots, chocolate, anise and a touch of cedar. The cigar is wonderfully complex with all the notes working together, but being easily identified. Through the nose the cedar shows up more than on the palate and the aroma of the stick is sweet.

The Finish: The Eirora CBT is a throwback to what a Maduro should be. The cigar serves up a wonderful sweetness that is balanced and complex. I was simply blown away but the excellence known as the Eirora CBT. This is a cigar that needs more love from consumers and it is definitely worthy of being in the regular rotation. Its worth the purchase, in fact it is worth multiple purchases.

Score: 95
Price: $11.59 / $204.99



Eiroa CBT

Eiroa CBT

Eiroa CBT Robusto Foot

Eiroa CBT Robusto Foot

Eiroa CBT Robusto Burn

Eiroa CBT Robusto Burn

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