FDA Announces Revised Deadlines Following 90 Day Delay

The FDA has issued a revised guidance with new compliance deadlines for retailers and manufacturers.  Below are highlights of the newly promulgated schedule.

New Deadline Highlights

  • Submission of cigar warning plans (August 10th, 2017)
  • Manufacturer registration & product listing (September 30th, 2017)
  • SE exemption requests (November 8th, 2017)
  • Submission of health documents & ingredient listings (November 8th, 2017)
  • Submission of SE Reports for non-grandfathered products (May 8th, 2018)
  • Implementation of required health warnings and labeling statements including point of sale signs (August 10th, 2018)
  • PMTA application deadline – (November 8th, 2018)
  • HPHC reporting requirements – (November 8th, 2019)

The complete list of deadlines can be found on the FDA website, https://www.fda.gov/downloads/TobaccoProducts/Labeling/RulesRegulationsGuidance/UCM557716.pdf

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