FDA Seeks To Purchase Cigar Smoking Machines

As the cigar industry waits for the FDA ruling on cigars, some new information has come out about some of the things that the FDA will be looking at when it comes to regulation.

On February 22, 2016, the FDA announced that they were seeking to purchase a Cigar Smoking Machine with CO Analyzer. According to the document, they are seeking a smoking machine capable of smoking a 22.5mm cigar which would be between a 57 and 58 ring gauge.

With the CO analyzer, the FDA will be collecting carbon monoxide information on cigars. This process could affect existing brands and future brands that are looking to enter the market.

According to the bid solicitation, “The Southeast Regional Laboratory (SRL) needs to purchase a 10 port, cigar linear smoking machine with attachments for impingers and carbon monoxide detection for the purpose of developing and transferring methods in SRL to support regulatory work for the Center for tobacco Products. The unit is used to simulate human cigar smoking under a variety of conditions and to collect smoke residues for further regulatory chemical analysis. This instrument will increase SRL’s capabilities to analyze cigar smoke products.

The full solicitation can be read on the FBO website.

It will be interesting to see if the FDA regulations set a standard for CO and if it will lead to the banning of products or at the very least warning labels much likes those on cigarette packs.

Tune into The Cigar Authority podcast on March 5 as we discuss this very important issue.


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