Ferio Tego Timeless Prestige Hermoso Cigar Review

Originally released in 2012, Timeless became one of the Nat Sherman brands associated with Michael Herklots when he worked for the New Jersey based company. However, when Altria bought Nat Sherman in 2017, the writing was on the wall that the cigar brands would eventually be discontinued. In August of 2020 the company announced that Nat Sherman cigars would cease to exist and some credit is to be given to them for allowing Michael Herklots and Brendan Scott to acquire the brands in January of 2021 to keep the legacy of the brand alive, albeit under a new name, Ferio Tego.

Cigar Review: Timeless Prestige
Wrapper: Honduras
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Length: 5.5″
Ring Gauge: 54
Size: Hermoso

The Look: Packaged in 20 count boxes with a red lid with the Timeless logo that is reminiscent of a watch face. Inside the cigars sit in two rows of 10 cigars with a dual band system. The primary denotes Timeless Prestige while the secondary band denotes exclusively for Ferio Tego. The Honduran wrapper that adorns the cigar has some oils visible and some significant veins. In the hand the cigar is firm to the touch with a well packed foot and it feels slightly light in the hand.

The Notes: The cold draw of the Prestige reveals notes of raisins, cedar and hay while the aroma off the foot is similar with the cedar being more prevalent. Once the cigar is thoroughly toasted and lit the first puff reveals notes of brown sugar.

Smoking our way into the first third notes of brown sugar remain where they are joined by notes of raisins and oats giving the first third a definitive oatmeal cookie taste. As the first third comes to close a touch of dried apricots begin to emerge while the finish of the cigar a subtle pepper while the brown sugar is enhanced slightly on the retrohale of the cigar.

The second third continues with notes of brown sugar but they slowly give way to nuances of cinnamon and cedar along with a touch of earth. The cedar becomes dominant with cinnamon occasionally taking over but it isn’t sustained, only showing itself occasionally. The retrohale of the cigar sees black pepper intensity with a leather component on the finish.

The final third of the Ferio Tego Timeless Prestige is dark, the sweetness of the first two-thirds has left the building quicker than Nat Sherman left the townhouse. The leather from the finish is now dominant on the palate along with notes of cedar and nuts. The retrohale is eye watering pepper, but this was one tasty smoke.

The Finish: I’ll be honest that I don’t remember the Timeless when it carried the Nat Sherman name. I smoked a lot of them, but it didn’t leave a lasting memory and at the conclusion of this review I looked to see if we reviewed in the past, but we had only reviewed the Nicaragua version back in 2017. So I can’t compare it to the past, but what I can say is the future is very bright for Timeless and Ferio Tego if this is just the beginning.

Score: 92
Price: $10.69 / $188.99

Ferio Tego Timeless Prestige

Ferio Tego Timeless Prestige Foot

Ferio Tego Timeless Prestige Burn

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