Hirochi Robaina To Introduce Two New Blends

The distribution company for Hirochi Robaina, White Hat, will be featuring two new product lines at this year’s IPCPR: H.R. Claro. and H.R. Blue.

The H.R. Claro is a complex “Cubanesque” blend that Don Omar González Alemán spent over a year perfecting.

I can’t stop smoking the samples. This is one of my absolute favorite cigars because it’s approachable anytime with some amazing flavors that keep my interest with subtlety, nuance, and complexity. I think this is a blend that a seasoned smoker will really appreciate, yet it’s balance of aged tobaccos allows for a smooth smoking experience that any smoker can enjoy.” – Spence Drake

H.R. Claro
Rothschild (5 X 48): $8.95 (MSRP)
Robusto Gordo (5.5 X 56): $10.95 (MSRP)
Toro (6 X 52): $10.95 (MSRP)
109 (7.25 X 50): $10.95 (MSRP)

The H.R. Blue is a full-bodied Maduro that is a twist on the original H.R. blend at a greatly reduced price.

We utilized some different primings of the same tobaccos used in the original H.R. blend and covered it with a gorgeous Habano Maduro wrapper from Ecuador. We fermented this leaf for almost two years “low and slow” and ended up with a flawless wrapper. The blend reminds me of eating a good steak, it’s savory, meaty, with a little bit of spice.” – Spence Drake

H.R. Blue
Corona Gorda (5.5 X 46): $7.95 (MSRP)
Petit Edmundo (4.5 X 52): $8.50 (MSRP)
Toro (6 X 50): $8.95 (MSRP)
Gordo (6 X 60): $9.95 (MSRP)

In addition to the two new lines, there will be a line extension in the form of the H.R. Corona added to the original H.R. lineup. This will be a limited production product that will be available to select retailers.

Corona (5 X 42): $9.95 (MSRP)

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